7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

by Bella Martinez March 16, 2024

7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Is your home ready for a refresh? Tired of harsh chemical cleaners lurking under the sink? We get it! This spring, ditch the toxins and embrace the power of nature with Edens Garden's 7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge. Over the next week, we'll guide you on a journey to a sparkling clean home, all while crafting your own effective cleaning solutions using the power of essential oils.[1]

Why opt for essential oils? Unlike commercial cleaners laden with harsh chemicals, essential oils offer a safe, yet powerful, way to tackle dirt, grime, and even lingering odors.[2] Not only are they gentle on surfaces, but they also boast a range of invigorating and purifying properties. To get you started, we’re offering 10% off our Spring Cleaning collection when you use code 10SPRINGCLEAN at checkout!

Join us for the next 7 days as we unveil a new natural cleaning recipe each day, tackling different areas of your home. We'll provide everything you need, from ingredient lists and dilution ratios to expert tips and tricks. Get ready to transform your cleaning routine, embrace the power of plants, and create a healthy, toxin-free haven for yourself and your loved ones! 

Why Green Cleaning?

Ditch the harsh fumes and hidden dangers! While traditional cleaning products might promise a quick clean, many contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin and lungs, potentially impacting your long-term health.[3] Edens Garden's essential oils offer a safe and effective alternative. 

These natural powerhouses tackle dirt and grime while boasting a range of benefits. From the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree oil to the degreasing power of citrus oils, essential oils clean effectively without compromising your health or the environment. Make the switch to natural cleaning solutions and create a healthy haven for yourself and your loved ones. 

7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Day #1 Pantry Purge | Refreshing Your Food Storage Day

Day #2 Screen Sweep |  Digital Clean Up Day

Day #3 Daily Duties Done | Everyday Chores Day

Day #4 Closet TLC | Laundry & Clean-Out Day

Day #5 Inner Cleanse | Clear Your Mind Day

Day #6 Brush Sparkle | Shine Bright with Clean Tools Day

Day #7 Sunday Scrubdown | Deep Cleaning Day


Q: What essential oils are needed for this challenge?

A: Each day, we’ll offer suggestions on which essential oils will complement the daily challenge. The bonus is that all of our suggestions will be 10% off when you use code 10SPRINGCLEAN. If you don’t have the essential oils we suggest, the good news is that there are many essential oils that offer cleaning benefits and can be used for this challenge.  

Q: Do I have to start the challenge on day 1?

A: If you don’t start on day 1, that’s fine! It’s never too late to transform your home with a deep clean. We’ll also be recapping our challenge at the end so you can go back and complete any days you missed. 

Q: What supplies do I need for the challenge?

A: To make our Spring Cleaning Challenge accessible to everyone, we’ve chosen ingredients and supplies that you likely already have. We’ll also be including a supply list for each daily challenge. If you don’t have the recommended supplies, we’re happy to suggest some alternative items you might have. 

Q: I have more questions!

A: Reach out to us! We’re happy to support you through this natural cleaning revolution. You can find our contact info here

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