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8 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

by Jenna Jones March 05, 2019

8 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric might not be the most popular essential oil (or have prime real estate in the alphabetical order), but it continues to intrigue scientists and aromatherapists alike. Rich in antioxidants, Turmeric offers a wealth of wide-ranging benefits. Increased immune support? Check. Digestive health support? Check. Keep reading to discover the numerous health and lifestyle benefits that Turmeric can provide.

  1. High in Antioxidants: As you might have heard, antioxidants promote cellular health through the reduction of free radicals. While Turmeric isn’t the only free-radical-fighting essential oil, it is especially heavy in antioxidants that foster healthy cells and relieve oxidative stress, especially after rigorous physical activity. Give your body a little boost by diffusing Turmeric oil.
  2. Digestive Support: Finding the balance of a healthy digestive system can be hard work. This is where Turmeric can help. Whether diffused or topically applied (diluted first, of course), Turmeric has the potential to soothe stomach issues through its anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Joint Support: Because of its antioxidant nature, Turmeric can benefit your joints too. Exercising and being generally active takes a toll on your joints, but Turmeric aids in joint health by offering a concentration of antioxidants. After a long jog or intense spin class,dilute Turmeric and rub onto joints and sore muscles for a nighttime recoup.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Aid: A staple of holistic healing in India for centuries, Turmeric has long been beloved for its anti-inflammatory properties. Active plant compounds (called phytochemicals) work to support healthy inflammation response in the body.
  5. Helps the Immune System: With Turmeric close at hand, your immune system has a friend. This essential oil features a bevy of antioxidants that can work to help your immune system ward off invading germs and free radicals. In short, Turmeric can give your body a fighting chance come cold season.
  6. Promotes Brain Health: The beneficial aspects of Turmeric don’t end with physical health. Here’s where we add mental health to the list. The aforementioned antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits also positively affect your brain. Like other parts of your body, inflammation in the brain can affect its function, and Turmeric can offer  relief.
  7. Liver Support: As the body’s main source of filtration, the liver comes across more than its fair share of toxins. Thankfully, our good friend Turmeric is rich in antioxidants that support the liver’s processes and help it function at its best.
  8. Lowers Cholesterol: As early as the 1990s, studies have confirmed that Turmeric spice can potentially lower LDL cholesterol. Specifically, Turmeric is able to aid in the liver producing less LDL cholesterol while also preventing the intestine from absorbing it as its cleared from out from the liver. Try incorporating Turmeric in your cooking and diffuse the essential oil in conjunction with this new culinary practice.

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