A Lazy Girl's Guide to Essential Oils

by Jenna Jones February 23, 2017

Lazy Girl's Guide to Essential Oils

Napping all day is probably not an option for most of us. In our busy times, squeezing in a few minutes of R&R might be nearly impossible. But for those of us committed to hitting the snooze button and skipping a full face of makeup and red carpet-ready hair before we start the day, entering the world of essential oils can be a little overwhelming.

To make your aroma quest a little more palatable, we’ve refined some of the basics of essential oils for your lazy-girl delight.

What Are Essential Oils?

Simply put, essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants extracted and distilled directly from the source. The oils are derived from plant parts including seeds, roots, stems, flowers, bark and more.

Where Should I Start?

Before you launch into aromatherapy, educating yourself on the basics can serve you incredibly well. But before you crack open those dictionary-sized books, EG recommends letting your nose guide you. Explore the aromas that you are naturally drawn to. To get started, our uncomplicated “Intro to Essential Oils” set features our top three selling essential oils: LavenderLemon and Peppermint.

Our purposeful Synergy Blends can also help you get your aroma groove going. Fighting Five and Good Night are some of our most popular synergy blends. Check out our Intro to Essential Oils page too!

How Do I Make Sure I Won't Have A Negative Reaction To EOs?

Because safety is beyond important to Edens Garden, we recommend administering a small patch test before using essential oils topically. Simply dab a tiny amount of essential oil onto the skin and wait 24 hours to see if the skin reacts.

Help, I Have No Idea How To Dilute My EOs!

Don’t panic. We have a solution to just about every essential oils quandary. When in doubt, simply roll-it-on with our line of perfectly diluted roll-ons. All of our Roll-ons, from French Lavender to Cellulite, are diluted with Fractionated Coconut. To use, simply unscrew the lid and roll onto your desired area.

Roll-ons are great for everyone from a beginner to the aroma expert because they fit hand-dandy in just about any space from a purse or pocket to a diaper bag or briefcase. And hey, if you need help drifting into that much-needed nap, try EG’s Sleep Ease or Sleepy Head roll-ons. If you’re ready to slip into using EOs and Synergy Blends topically from the bottle, we recommend a 3-5% dilution rate.

Which Carrier Oil Should I Use?

Check out our recent blog post about comedogenicity and carrier oils. Some of our most recent additions are quickly becoming EG favorites including Guava Seed, Pomegranate Seed and Fenugreek.

I’m Feeling Extra Lazy Today, What Should I Diffuse?

Add a few drops of Clementine and Peppermint to your favorite diffuser and regain that pep in your step!

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