AAA | Finding Your Essential Oil "Signature Scent"

by Annie Mascia February 12, 2024

AAA | Finding Your Essential Oil

The Art of Discovering Your Signature Scent

Embarking on a personal journey to discover one’s signature scent using essential oils is somewhat akin to going on a treasure hunt; one that involves exploration and experimentation. The big question is, how do you identify essential oils that will resonate with your personal preferences? The answer lies in exploration and experimentation and while we all have our likes and dislikes, there is no wrong answer. The goals of aromatherapy to keep in mind are both to please the senses and to enhance well-being. 

As you continue on this journey it is important to note what aromas you are drawn to - these may be the oils you need at that moment in time. Your job is to pay attention to emotions, mood changes and even physical sensations that may occur after smelling different essential oils. Noting these subtle emotions and sensations in an aromatic journal can be key to laying out your thoughts and reactions as you explore essential oils over time. Understanding your likes and dislikes is crucial to the sense of smell as is aromatic memory.  

Enjoy the journey of exploration and discovery as you find your favorite pure essential oil blends. As you incorporate them into your wellness routine, always keep in mind that everyone's preferences and experiences with essential oils are unique and what works for you may not necessarily work for someone else. 

Crafting Your Unique Blend with Edens Garden Oils

Edens Garden is a trustworthy essential oil supplier that is dedicated to pure quality products never adulterated with additives. Totaling 181 single oils and 117 blends and counting, Edens Garden offers a huge range of essential oils to create a personalized fragrance and natural oil. Another benefit of Edens Garden is that we operate without the MLM structure, meaning we never have to pay out sellers in a pyramid scheme, keeping our essential oil products at market price. 

Edens Garden has a huge range of pure essential oils with therapeutic benefits to experiment with. Whether you desire Samples, Singles, Discovery Sets or Essential Oil Blends, we have you covered. The Sampler Sets can be the perfect way to begin exploring essential oils when you are unsure of your likes and dislikes. The collection encompasses our range of single oils and blends. However, to create your signature scent, we suggest starting with Edens Garden Create Your Own Sampler Set and the single oils Sampler Set both of which give the option to choose the combination of oils that fit your exact needs.

Tips for Balancing Aromas in Your Signature Scent

Now that you have your exploration oils, it's time to make your signature scent. Whether you need oils to uplift, soothe, energize, or decrease stress, the steps below will help you achieve a harmonious and balanced blend. 

When first starting with essential oils, it’s a great idea to simplify a blend by focusing on three oils. Let’s begin by exploring the concept of top, middle and base notes - adhering to a 20-50-30 blend structure, respectively, is also recommended. 

  • Top note: encompassing a range of citrus oils such as Sweet Orange or pine and fir family oils, they are light and the first to greet your sense of smell. They dissipate quickly making way for the middle notes. 
  • Middle note: generally considered the heart or the body of the blend, the fragrance of middle notes lingers giving a signature scent its fullness and balance. Many floral, herbal and spicy oils are considered to be middle notes such as Cinnamon, Sweet Marjoram and Clary Sage.
  • Base note: as the fixative and stabilizer of the aromatic blend, they are heavier and often slower-flowing oils. Roots, resins and wood oils such as Sandalwood and Vetiver fall into this category and provide the blend with a lasting impression.

Blending oils can truly transform a single oil and no matter which oils you fancy, choose one from each category and uncap them. Bring those 3 bottles together and waft their combined aroma under your nose. Swap out one oil at a time to compare the notes and sensations you experience until you find a combination you like. Creating essential oil blends is part science and part art. Don't be afraid to experiment and trust your instincts as you craft your unique blends. 

As you become more familiar with essential oils remember that it's not just about liking the aroma but about how it makes you feel.[1] Essential oils and aromatics are known to influence our moods and behavior.[2] Does Lavender or Bergamot calm any anxiety and relax you?[3] Does Peppermint invigorate your workouts or help you focus?[4] Does Cedarwood help in sedative blends?[5]

Keep your aromatic journal at hand and use these cues to guide your selection. When you are ready to put the oils together, pay attention to the number of drops you use of each oil and write your recipes down in your journal. Don't be afraid to adjust it based on your assessment of the blend. You may find that certain oils overpower others or that the balance needs to be corrected. Make small adjustments by adding or reducing drops of essential oils until you achieve the desired aroma and effect. Once you are satisfied, label your blend with the ingredients. 

Creating Mood-Enhancing Blends for Different Settings

Understanding what oils resonate with you can be achieved through memory, preference and reactions as well as needs. Essential oils are extremely versatile especially when blended for a specific therapeutic purpose. Understanding your needs can be key to perfecting a blend. Begin by exploring what your daily routine is and how you react to your life. Do you experience a lot of stress? Are you an a-type personality and you want to be more grounded and slow down? Do you desire motivation and energy boost? Do you have respiratory health issues? 

Another “signature scent” consideration is at what time of day the blend will be used. Perhaps it's a morning pick-me-up or a need for focus. In this case, we suggest exploring a combination of essential oils such as Lemon, Rosemary and Peppermint. For the evenings, you may want to make a child-safe* diffuser blend or a bath blend with calming oils such as Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile and Sandalwood. To alleviate anxiety and improve mood, Bergamot, Cedarwood and Sweet Marjoram are exceptional choices.

*With toddlers and babies under the age of 2, essential oils are not recommended for use. Read this blog post for clarity on using essential oils safely with children. You can also peruse Edens Garden OK For Kids essential oil singles and blends. 

Sharing Your Signature Scent Journey

Inspiring and sharing with others your experience with essential oils can influence others emotionally and sentimentally. Explaining and demonstrating what you have discovered and learned about essential oil blending can bring confidence to others. Bringing the enjoyment of sniffing different aromas will help them discover and recognize their preferences in the journey which is essential oils.

Stressing the uniqueness of each person’s aromatic preference and that a signature scent can emphasize individuality could lead others to pursue an essential oil blend that truly represents them and gives them strength knowing that it can distinguish them from the crowd.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what your signature scent is and any stories of discovery you would like to share in the comment section! Our certified aromatherapist is here to answer any questions you may have! Write to us here:


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