Christmas Diffuser Blend DIY

by Jenna Jones December 20, 2021

Christmas Diffuser Blend Diy

Christmastime is here, which means it’s time for joy and cheer! To make your Christmas spirit bright, we’ve created something to fit the bill: EG’s Christmas diffuser blend.

This Christmas essential oil recipe includes all of the therapeutic goodness of healthful oils to help keep you well this season while enticing loved ones to gather and be merry. Turn the light on your Essential Oil Diffuser and add this blend to set the ambiance at your next holiday season gathering. 

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blend DIY

How to Enjoy Your Christmas Essential Oil Blend

Along with adding this blend to your Terrazzo Diffuser, there are a few additional ways to enjoy your favorite seasonal scent. 

Reed Diffuser 

Unlike the Diamond and Terrazzo diffusers, the Reed Diffuser delivers the perfect amount of low-impact aroma, meaning sensitive individuals such as pets and kids can safely enjoy the scents of the season. Place a few Reed Diffusers around your home and add your favorite Holiday Blend or diffuser recipe, like Candy Cane Lane or Winter Wonderland.   

O Tannenbaum

The Christmas Tree is oftentimes the centerpiece of holiday decor. It’s a grand reminder of the holiday season and a place to gather around, come Christmas morning. So trim up the tree with a little something extra, like a Christmas tree essential oil blend. Add a few drops of your favorite festive blend to fabric ornaments and let happiness abound. 

Curb Cravings

Can’t resist the sweet taste of Christmas candy, spiced cider and cookies? It’s okay to indulge a little, but you don’t have to throw all healthy habits out the window in the name of the holidays. Along with practicing breathwork and meditation, add your scrumptious Christmas blend to an Essential Oil Inhaler to boost self-control and your mood.      

An Attitude of Gratitude

Share our Christmas diffuser blend recipe, or your most beloved holiday blend with others to spread holiday joy and show them your appreciation. A small gesture can go a long way – whether it be sending a letter, paying for someone’s coffee or lending your ear – show those you love that you appreciate them this Christmas season.

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