EG’s No-Tox Guide to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

by Danielle De Guzman March 03, 2020

EG’s No-Tox Guide to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

“I really want my home to smell awful,” said no one ever. We may not have a notebook filled with every utterance in human history, but we’re fairly certain it’s true. But at what cost do we fill our home with aromatic beauty? Chances are good that if you’re burning artificially scented candles, you’re putting toxins in your indoor air. Luckily, you don’t have to give up beautifying your air to avoid putting toxins in it. We’re here to offer you the solution.

EG's No-Tox Guide To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Room Sprays  

Cut right to the chase in elevating the aroma of your home with our room sprays. Whether you’re in the mood for the lively Fighting Five, the mellow Sound Asleep or the vibrant (and kid-friendly) Bee Happy, you can be sure that you’re filling your air with 100% non-toxic, pure essential oil-based room spray. One, two, three spritzes (or more) and you and your guests will be breathing revitalized air. 


When you think aromatherapy, chances are the next thing that comes to mind are diffusers. While there are a variety of ways to enjoy your favorite aromas, using a diffuser is one of the more efficient ways. Whether you choose the Terrazzo, Diamond, Reed or Bloom, you’ll be putting beautiful aromas in the air. And if there’s anything that elevates your feng shui, it’s a great aroma.

Single Oils and Synergy Blends

If you’re perusing our blog, it may go without saying that essential oils are a key way to get your home to smell amazing without the worry of toxins. Each of our essential oils and synergy blends is pure and not cut with inferior ingredients or fillers. With our EOs, what you see is what you get. Find out which aromas tickle your fancy here!

Bath Salts

“Bath salts?!” you say. Yep, indeed. While bath salts are confined to use in the bathroom, they can do a whole lot to beautify it. The next time you bathe, add up a generous helping of EG bath salt for a subtle touch of aromatherapy goodness.

How do you get your home smelling its very best? Let us know in the comments and check our essential oils for home!

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