Essential Oil Face Mask DIY (With Geranium)

by Danielle De Guzman January 22, 2018

Essential Oil Face Mask Diy (With Geranium)

At this juncture in the beauty world, face masks are on the rise. Don’t dismiss this crucial step in the skincare routine. By blending the benefits of a face mask with the restorative properties of essential oils, your skin will feel nourished and detoxified. 

Face masks deliver the boost our skin needs to thrive. From moisturizing to removing impurities and improving the overall appearance of skin, the right face mask can give you the #GlowUp you’ve been waiting for.

For the love of face masks, we at EG developed the skin nourishing face mask you’ve been missing. With rejuvenating ingredients like detoxing pink clay, moisturizing glycerin and skin radiating like Lavandin and Geranium, your skin is sure to thank you for giving it the TLC it deserves.

What You Need

2 oz Distilled Water

1 tbsp Glycerin

1 tbsp Pink Clay

1 tsp Rosehip carrier oil

1/4 tsp Xanthan Gum

3 drops Geranium

2 drops Lavandin

1 drop Lavender

How To

Combine distilled hydrosol and glycerin, and sprinkle in xantham gum and pink clay. Using a hand blender, blend xantham gum and pink clay into the mixture until fully combined.

Tip: You may warm the mixture if the xantham gum is not fully blending in. In a separate bowl, combine Rosehip, Geranium, Lavindin and Lavender. Combine both mixtures by stirring.

To Use

Start by cleansing your skin. Use a facial brush to cover your face with the mask avoiding the eyes and mouth. Let sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and pat drying with a clean towel. Follow up by using our body oils for moisturization.

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