Essential Oils To Find Emotional Balance

by Bella Martinez April 11, 2018

Essential Oils To Find Emotional Balance

Everyone needs balance in their lives. Balanced schedules and balanced diets help keep lives on course, but what about balanced emotions? By stabilizing your emotions, you can lower hyperactivity, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

Though essential oils cannot bring homeostasis on their own, they can enhance other balancing activities such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and breathwork. To help you find your emotional footing, EG's aromatherapists have curated some of our most balancing synergy blends and single oils.

Essential Oils for Balancing Emotions

Align: Just a few drops can release a soothing wind of calm and grounding. To handle life’s many curve balls, find and embrace those moments of solidarity and calm through Align’s earthy aroma. Align contains calming and meditative oils of Frankincense, Spruce, Rosewood and Blue Tansy- known to ground and soothe emotions that may have gone awry.  

Balance: Teetering the line of instability can dampen everyday life. So much of wellness is grounded in finding harmony in our bodies and our minds. Balance can help you take hold of centeredness, serenity, and ease. With a strikingly soft and supple aroma, Balance can help soothe the mind so evenness and relaxation can enter in.

Be Still: Busyness often gets the best of us. When we do find moments of tranquility, it can be a great reward. Allow the chaos to subside and let stillness smooth away rough edges with Be Still synergy blend. Be Still is not overly floral or musky but is a balanced blend of Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Cistus, West Indian Sandalwood, Sandalwood, Rose, and Osmanthus.

Blue Tansy: An essential oil that is often compared to a fine wine, Blue Tansy essential oil is fresh and enticing with a sweet aroma. Blue Tansy’s rarity and complexity is part of its allure. Diffusing or softly inhaling Blue Tansy in a space in need of peace and tranquility can help soothe nervous tension.

Harmony: Ushering in a sense peace, Harmony smoothes over friction and help to restore emotional equilibrium. Its soothing aroma encourages calm and quiet while dispelling imbalance. Harmony is especially effective in instilling wholeness in your home, workplace, relationships and self.

Tranquility: Just as the sun sets and the world becomes quiet and still, Tranquility brings a calming balance. With a deeply serene aroma, Tranquility instills poise to the beholder. Containing stabilizing oils of Lavender, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Vetiver and Sandalwood, Tranquility is a relaxing bottle of soothing stillness.

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