Hair Hack: DIY Hair Scrub

by Bella Martinez August 08, 2018

Hair Hack: DIY Hair Scrub

Has your hair been messier than normal? The problem might be with your scalp. Though it seems paradoxical, frequent shampooing and conditioning can leave gunk and build-up on your scalp, causing itching, dandruff, dry scalp and other issues. Detoxing your scalp with a nourishing and cleansing scalp scrub can combat the carnage that normal hair washing leaves behind. Our EG experts created an easy scalp scrub to gently break up and wash away build-up, leaving your scalp and hair happier and healthier.

How does it work? The bath salt not only exfoliates the scalp, but sucks up moisture and prevents bacteria from thriving. Argan nourishes the scalp, providing deep moisturization, while the Tea Tree, Lemon and Rosemary contribute to healthy hair and scalp. Adding this simple scrub to one weekly shower might make all the difference in your hair’s health.

What you need

2 oz Grapefruit Pink Pepper Bath Salt

1 oz Argan

2 drops Tea Tree

2 drops Lemon

2 drops Rosemary

How to

Combine Tea Tree, Lemon and Rosemary into Argan, then add to the Bath Salt. Use while in the shower, after shampooing and conditioning (or alone). Take scoops, and rub the scrub onto your scalp. Thoroughly scrub a section of your scalp for a minute. Rinse thoroughly. You can use a bit of shampoo to wash out any excess oil.

*If your hair is treated, ask your hairstylist before using this scrub.

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Julie Bailey

March 30, 2021 at 8:32 am

Wow! I have crazy curly hair ( I refer to it as chia pet head as it goes wild when I get it wet) and never considered using a scrub on my SCALP! I’m going to have to try this.