Happy BFF Day from EG!

by Grace Martin June 08, 2017

Happy BFF Day from EG!

Happy best friends day! We hope you are enjoying every minute of best friend time! Think about celebrating your bestie with aromatherapy. In addition to our new synergy blends and single oils, we have a range of accessories your BFF is sure to love. Our lava jewelry such as the Cayman and Corsica make for perfect matching best friend bracelets.

To mark the date, we picked out some of our favorite oils for you and your favorite person to enjoy.

  1. Citrus Cream Roll-On: If you can’t live without the energizing zest of citrus aromas, Citrus Cream will knock your socks off. It has a rejuvenating, fresh, and fruity aroma with a hint of Vanilla.
  2. XOXO: XOXO is the perfect gift for that person who needs a little encouragement and love. It’s something to give to your BFF or to a family member to express gratitude.
  3. Gal Pal: A ladies only blend, Gal Pal is the essence of balance. Its cooling and soothing quality makes it an excellent choice for times when we need to refresh our senses.
  4. Jasmine Roll-On: Jasmine Roll-On is calming to overworked and tired muscles. It is an oil that ushers in a lightness and can uplift the spirit.
  5. Rose Bulgarian Roll-On: Roll this illustrious aroma on and gain the many benefits of Rose Bulgarian at an affordable price.

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