How Essential Oils Can Help You Maintain A Better Work-Life Balance

by Charity Dykstra January 30, 2020

How Essential Oils Can Help You Maintain A Better Work-Life Balance

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

Can you relate? What T.S. Eliot penned in his poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” nearly 105 years ago seems to still hold true. Humans are creatures of habit and when that habit is work, it can take a toll. Sometimes this happens without us even realizing it before it’s too late and we’re stressed out. So, what can we do when our work-life balance gets thrown out of whack? Before you allow yourself to take on any more stress, rest easy in knowing there are a number of solutions. And since you’re reading the EG blog, we’ll be covering solutions that incorporate essential oils.

Breaking the bad habit of overworking ourselves can be as hard as the overworking itself. But incorporating essential oils can ease the process. Begin by choosing essential oils that soothe your mind and ease your worry. Worry Less, one of our favorite synergy blends, is a great place to start. Its sweet, minty aroma is known to provide confidence, courage and calm. If sweet and minty isn’t really your thing, aromatically speaking, we have plenty of other options to ease your tension. One of these is  Tranquility. It has a warm and floral aroma, while its properties can instill a sense of peace. Both synergy blends are exceptional after a long day of work.

It’s important to remember that maintaining a good work-life balance can take place while you’re at work. We recommend boosting your mood during your shift, regardless of what you do for a living. For those working at a desk, consider a new officemate in one of our diffusers. For those whose job takes them on the go (delivery drivers, construction workers, plumbers, etc.), we recommend our Aromaride to fuel a great day or a piece of diffuser jewelry (like the Balboa, Capri, Catalina,  Coronado, Corsica or Lido) to get you in your EO groove. Once you’ve chosen which way you’d like to enjoy aromatherapy, it’s time to find which essential oils will help balance your day. For boosting your mood there are synergy blends like Uplift,  Sweet Ambiance and Stress Relief. Single oils that have similar properties to these are Blood Orange, Clementine, Lemon and Lime. Generally, if it’s citrus, it’s good for boosting your mood.

Once you’ve finished the day’s work (and remember to leave your work at work, if you can!), enjoy a relaxing evening in the tub with some essential oils. While the water is running, put a few drops of Anxiety Ease, Balance, Breathe Easier or Deep Breath in the tub. By the time you’re ready to soak, the beautiful aroma of these synergy blends will be prominent and their soothing properties will be hard at work so you don’t have to be. Once you’ve pulled the plug on your bath, find a comfy spot and let the calming properties lull you to sleep in preparation for the next workday.

One final way to use essential oils to balance your work and life is with a relaxing massage. Whether you’re fixed on the deep-tissue variety or just a light rubdown, reach for our synergy blend Massage Therapy. Blend it with one of your favorite carrier oils or unscented massage oils to enjoy the relaxing benefits this incredible synergy blend can provide.

We hope you’ve found this information insightful and you can begin to even out the scale of your work and personal life. May 2020 see you stop measuring your life in coffee spoons and begin enjoying it with these essential oils.

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