How To Have The Best Self Care Day

by Jenna Jones September 21, 2020

How To Have The Best Self Care Day

If you’re new to the art of self-care, you may wonder what to do on this day dedicated to your personal wellness. How can you spend all day focused completely on your own needs and desires? We are here to help with a 10-step guide to a self care day that will leave you feeling rested, pampered and most importantly, valued

Ready to connect more deeply with yourself? Let’s get started! 

Step 1: Use Aromatherapy To Set The Mood

As you start the day, other concerns may come up. Can you really take a whole day away from work, family responsibilities and household chores? Hopefully, you’ve cleared your schedule and the answer is a resounding yes!

Even if there are a few tasks you can’t quite get off your plate, the following essential oil blends can help set the mood for a relaxing day:

  • Tranquility Synergy Blend – Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile partner with other ultra-soothing oils for a blend that is at once floral, warm and sweet. Popped into a diffuser, it can help you feel at ease in no time.

  • Relaxation Synergy Blend – A bit brighter than Tranquility, Lavender pairs with crisp notes of Mandarin Orange and Geranium (amongst others) to create a balanced aroma that can help you feel calm yet focused.

    Step 2: Start The Day With A Nourishing Breakfast

    Do you usually skip breakfast? Ask yourself why. 

    A good breakfast can help set the stage for a nourishing day. Feed your body and soul with a nutritious breakfast like one of the following:

    • A smoothie with your favorite fruits and a hint of protein

    • Granola, yogurt and fruit

    • Scrambled egg tacos with all the fixings

    • Oatmeal or overnight oats with fun toppings

    • Good old-fashioned eggs and toast

    • A granola bar

      On the other hand, if you have a craving and really want to have pizza for breakfast, don’t let us stop you! Today is all about following your desires and listening to your own inner voice. Just be sure to eat something to keep stress and hunger from affecting your good mood.

      Step 3: Enjoy Your Favorite Kind Of Movement

      It might feel good to watch a TV marathon all day long. But many of us need to feel like we’ve accomplished something before we can let ourselves completely unwind.

      Exercise boosts serotonin production and release. That means it helps you feel good and its effects can linger throughout your self care day.

      Spend at least 20 minutes moving however you like to, whether that means:

      • Walking

      • Yoga

      • Stretching

      • Pilates

      • Swimming

      • Running

      • Dancing

        Don’t feel like working out? If you have some light housework or gardening on your to-do list, that can help get your heartrate up, allow your body to soak in some vitamin D and help put your mind at ease for the rest of the day. 

        Step 4: Spend The Day Following Your Heart’s Desire

        One person’s idea of self-care is another’s nightmare. Follow your own instincts to reconnect with neglected hobbies or spend extra time doing something you love.

        Need inspiration? Consider:

        • Crafting

        • Reading

        • Journaling

        • Painting or drawing

        • Spending time with loved ones or your pet

        • Expanding your morning exercise into a longer walk or hike

          If you find you’re not enjoying your chosen activity, move on to the next one—that is, unless the reason you’re not enjoying it is because you can’t put stressors of everyday life aside.

          Step 5: Deal With Stressors As They Arise

          We get it—life is complicated. Your self-care can easily be interrupted by someone’s phone call, or simply the haunting thought of a task on your to-do list for tomorrow.

          Consider whether you can put your obligations aside, just for today. Can the task wait? Can the phone call wait?

          Some may find turning off their phones during their wellness days can really help (while letting important people know when they’ll be available again and who to contact in the interim). If you do need to deal with a stressful chore or phone call—even for just 15 minutes—make sure you have a soothing essential oil on hand in your personal pocket inhaler to deal with nerves as they crop up. When learning how to handle stress at work or at home between every responsibility, the presence of essential oils may help to recenter your focus and take the edge off.

          When you’re done, get back to treating yourself!

          Step 6: Create Your Own Spa Day

          What’s a self care day without any TLC for your physical form?

          There are plenty of ways to treat yourself without racking up a hefty bill at the spa. First, you can give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Next, to step your self-care game up a level, try out the following relaxing treatments.

          Take A Bubble Bath With Essential Oils

          Treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath with a top-quality aroma. Our favorites for self care days include:

          • Chamomile Lavender – Thanks to its soothing aroma, Chamomile Lavender can help you let go of the day's stress and find peace during your relaxing soak. Just a few drops will help relax your mind and body.

          • Patchouli Light – Earthy Patchouli helps you to feel grounded, even in chaotic moments. Our “light” variety has crisp, green notes that energize. A little-known skincare powerhouse, Patchouli can help to prevent signs of aging as well as help fix uneven skin tone.

          To enjoy, combine:

          • 1 oz water

          • 4 tsp liquid castile soap

          • 2 tsp Fractionated Coconut oil

          • A pinch of sea salt

          • 6 drops essential oil of your choice

            Add this mixture to your bubble bath until it reaches the desired level of bubbles. Then, turn on some music, light candles and soak for as long as you want to!

            DIY Spa-Quality Treatments

            While you’re enjoying your bath, try out our recipes for:

              Check out our DIY spa night guide for other ideas.

              Step 7: Order Dinner

              When you’re out of the tub, you’ll likely be hungry! Whether your family is returning from work and school or you’re spending the night solo, take a night off of cooking and order take-out.

              That way, you’ll have more time in the evening to continue treating yourself to your activity of choice, whether it’s reading, a face mask, guided meditation, or another hour of TV. 

              Step 8: Try Gratitude Journaling

              After a long day on your own, you might’ve learned some new things about yourself. Before you hit the hay, take a few minutes to reflect on your day. 

              If journaling isn’t already a part of your daily routine, this is a great opportunity to begin a gratitude journal. Did you know that writing down just a few things you’re grateful for can help to increase your satisfaction with life and improve your overall mood? Several studies confirm the potential efficacy of gratitude journaling as a habit.

              Thanks to your self care day, you might have a few extra things to put on your list!

              Step 9: Get A Good Night’s Sleep

              There’s no better gift to yourself than a good night’s sleep. 

              Hopefully, your relaxing day and light physical activity have left you content, tired and ready for bed. However, if you need a little assistance falling asleep, turn to your diffuser once again. 

              You can diffuse one of the essential oils that you used to start your day, bringing things full circle. Or, to switch it up, try out our favorite twist on a classic oil. 

              • Fine Lavender imparts all of the benefits of Lavender with an ultra-elegant aroma that will make you feel dreamy. 

                If you plan ahead of time, you may even consider adding essential oils to laundry to reap the soothing benefits of aromatherapy as you rest your head against fresh linens. This is the ultimate way to conclude your wholesome day of self care.

                Step 10: Put Your Next Self Care Day In Your Calendar

                The next morning, it’s back to your regular routine—although hopefully, you learned a few lessons about small ways you can take extra good care of yourself throughout the day, including:

                • Eat the best breakfast for your body and needs

                • Make time for healthy movement

                • Pamper your skin and hair

                • Use essential oils to help your mood

                • Practice gratitude

                  However, as we know too well, it can be hard to make time for all these things between work, family and more. That’s why we recommend putting your next self care day in your calendar right away so that you know you have something to look forward to!

                  There’s an easy way to create your own essential oil collection with the necessities for your next self care day. Take advantage of our create-your-own essential oil kit to select three, six, twelve, twenty-four, or forty-eight essential oils. 


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