The DIY Spa Night You Need in Your Life

by Danielle De Guzman March 14, 2019

Spa Night In

Need some inspo for a pampering night in? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIYs to transport you to a nourishing spa experience in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, this spa routine is all natural, inexpensive and totally customizable!

Step 1: Find the Right Space

Find a private, calming space in your home. Make sure this space has easy access to a bathroom so that you can apply and remove spa treatments easily. Rid the space of clutter, bills, to do lists...anything that might make your mind wander to the stresses of work or life.

Step 2: Channel Some Spa Vibes

It’s time to turn your little space into a private, luxurious spa. Unroll a towel or yoga mat in the center of the space, put a comfy chair or pouf in the corner and tune into a soft, ambient music station. Stock your space with a timer to track spa treatments, lots of water, healthy snacks and maybe even a pot of caffeine-free tea. To promote relaxation, dim the lights and diffuse Eucalyptus, MagnoliaLavender. Use this opportunity to opt out of screen-time and arm yourself with a good read instead. Now you’re ready to start relaxing!

Step 3: Begin to Relax

You’ve created the perfect space to relax in. Now it’s time to move your mind and body into a calmer state. You may not have a Massage Therapist in your stay-in spa, but don’t underestimate the powerful relaxation that stretching can awaken. To find balance in your body, take the next ten minutes to gently pull yourself into a few yin yoga poses. If stretching is uncomfortable for you, support areas of discomfort with pillows. As you do this, quiet your thoughts, focus on breathing and set your intentions for your spa time.

Step 4: Spa Treatments

Choose a treatment for your hair, face or body. Remember that essential oils are powerful, and when it comes to application, less is more — listen to your body and apply products with care. Time your spa treatments so that you don’t leave any products on for too long. As you allow treatments to work, encourage yourself to enter a rhythm of relaxation: paint your nails, meditate or nestle into a comfy chair with a cup of tea and a book. Try not to leave your “spa space” for any reason — this is your time to unwind and take care of you!

Hair Mask

We suggest kicking off your spa treatments with a hair mask, as these can take time to work effectively. Hair masks can improve the look and feel of your hair and even promote hair growth by increasing scalp circulation. Be sure to choose a mask based on your hair’s needs. If supplies are limited, simply apply Argan or Coconut carrier oil to your hair for silkier, nourished-looking locks.

For Damaged Hair

DIY EO & Honey Hair Repair Mask

For Dry Hair

DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

For Hard-To-Grow Hair

DIY Honey Hair Detox

Hair Love Essential Oil Blend

Step 5: Face Mask

If you haven’t tried an essential-oil face mask, now is the time; essential oils offer amazing benefits for all skin types. Since the skin on your face is particularly sensitive, we recommend following our DIY instructions carefully. Choose the perfect face mask tailored towards your skincare needs. Note: You may want to time this spa treatment so that you can rinse it at the same time you rinse your hair mask.

To Achieve Glowy Skin

DIY Geranium Face Mask

Best Skin Ever Essential Oil Roll-On

To Reduce Inflammation

DIY Turmeric Face Mask

Pampered Skin Essential Oil Roll-On

To Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

DIY Age Defy Oatmeal Facemask

To Boost Antioxidants

DIY Avocado & Hemp Face Mask

To Improve Elasticity

DIY Champagne Face Mask

Step 6: Supplemental Spa Treatments

If you’re loving this spa experience, extend your relaxation time by throwing in one or two of the following treatments.

Extra Spa Treatments for the Face:

DIY Geranium Juniper Berry Lip Scrub

DIY Vitamin C Serum

DIY Gel Facial Moisturizer

DIY Facial Scrub

Face Love Essential Oil Roll-On

Extra Spa Treatments for the Body:

DIY Magnesium Body Butter for Soreness

DIY EO Balm for Stressed Skin

DIY Coconut Body Butter

Step 7: Finish Your Treatments with a Relaxing Bath or Shower

Once you’ve finished your treatments, take a relaxing bath or shower to end your spa time. Light a Tangerine Jasmine Candle, pour Lavender Magnolia Bath Salt in the tub, or enjoy a shower melt. End your evening thanking yourself for taking time for you, and share your favorite part of your stay-in spa experience in the comments below!

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