How to Use Bath Salts

by Bella Martinez June 04, 2018

How to Use Bath Salts

Using Bath Salts can be as easy as pouring your desired amount of salt into the bath, but there are also a couple of uncouth and uncommon ways to use Bath Salts as well. To get the most out of your bath, EG experts have broken down some of their fave ways to use Bath Salts and tips on taking the best bath ever.

Yuzu Cannabliss: Mayo Clinic recommends the use of Epsom salts in a compress to help ease pain. Dissolve Ache Bath Salt in warm water. Soak then wring out a washcloth. Apply to the are of discomfort and loosely tie on to keep in place.

Good Night: Before bedtime, run a warm bath and add in Sleep Bath Salt, allowing it to dissolve before entering. The temperature change your body goes through when switching from a warm bath to cooler air can help improve sleep. To enhance the efficacy of this bath salt, try applying Good Night body oil afterwards and diffuse Sleep Ease.

Grapefruit Pink Pepper: Detoxing comes in many different shapes and sizes. The Detox Bath Salt can help inspire and promote wellness as you detox. After a day of limiting exposure to harmful chemicals, alcohol, sugar, etc, top it off by soaking in the Detox Bath Salt.

Eucalyptus Cardamom: Practice breathwork while you soak in the Breathe Bath Salt. If you’re not feeling up to a bath, Breathe can also be added to a pot or bowl of steamy water. Closing your eyes, cover your head and the bowl with a towel and breathe deep.

Lavender Magnolia: When you need a break, unwind at any time of the day with the Relax Bath Salt. Allow your body to rest as you soak in the goodness of Lavender and Magnolia essential oils. If you can’t get enough of Relax Bath Salt, follow up with Lavender Magnolia body oil.

Fighting Five: When environmental factors and ailments are rampant, stay protected by soaking in Immune Bath Salt. Just as with Breathe, you can add Immune to a pot or bowl of steamy water, close your eyes and cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Inhale deeply. For maximum immunity, use Guardian or Fighting Five in a personal inhaler.

Best bathing tips:

  • Bathing in warm water can cause us to sweat and dehydrate, which is why professionals recommend drinking plenty of water after bathing.
  • Overworked, tired muscles can benefit from the use of bath salts. Help prevent knots and aches after being on your feet and being active by using the Bath Salt of your choosing.
  • Drinking water isn’t the only thing you should do after getting a massage. Lactic acid is released from muscles when getting a massage. After a massage, drink plenty of water and help the reduction of lactic acid by bathing in the Bath Salt of your choosing.
  • The optimal bathing temperature is between 90-104 degrees F. Too hot of water can be detrimental to the skin’s protective barrier. To check the temperature, simply dip your hand in the water- if it’s too hot for your hand it’s too hot for your body.  
  • Soapy water can also be detrimental to the skin’s protective barrier, so save washing up until the end. Try following up with one of our natural bar soaps.

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