Lonely Hearts Club Diffuser Faves

by Jenna Jones February 06, 2018

Lonely Hearts Club Diffuser Faves

Let’s face it. Not everyone is over the moon when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Some say it’s a  conspiracy to sell greeting cards and heart-shaped chocolates.

Also known as “single-awareness day,” V-day can seem downright silly. Even if he had you at “hello” or you’re in a romance that rivals Jack and Rose, there’s no guarantee that the ship won’t sink.

Today, instead of celebrating Mr. Right and last-chance sprints through airports (see “Love Actually,” and “Only You”), we’d like to applaud the pessimists and skeptics amongst us.  Embrace the wonder of your life and do what makes you happy. It’s okay to indulge in a few eye-rolls this Valentine’s Day.

Welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club

Here are some of our favorite synergy blends to diffuse while you enjoy an Anti-Valentine’s Day.

Bliss: Lean into positivity and add a touch of pure joy with Bliss. Try giving the roll-on a spin or gifting it to a friend in need of some brightness.  

Fearless: Inspire adventure and courage with its fresh and woody aroma. Beyond encouraging boldness, Fearless synergy blend helps you shed negative thinking and slide into contentment.

Shine: Be reminded of your worthiness while diffusing Shine. Its floral and sweet aroma encourages hope and strength.

Uplift: To spark happiness, diffuse Uplift while getting ready for the day. Its citrusy aroma can help you stay present and find emotional balance.

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