OK For Kids Turns 5!

by Grace Martin August 02, 2021

OK For Kids Turns 5!

Can you believe our bestselling OK For Kids collection turns 5 this month? It feels like just yesterday we were announcing its arrival, and yet it’s already reached so many milestones in the world of aromatherapy. 

For the past 5 years, our OK For Kids collection has promoted natural wellness and safe, effective benefits for both kids and adults. From blends for better sleep and breathing to oils that ease tummy troubles and seasonal allergies, OK For Kids covers a range of everyday issues.  And beyond having kid-friendly aromas, each essential oil blend for kids has wowed adults as well, proving that even kids products can be sophisticated-smelling too. 

Many of us at EG are parents ourselves, and these expertly formulated, 100% pure essential oil blends reflect our dedication to giving kids the very best. Still, whether you have kids or you don’t, we believe the OK For Kids collection is for everyone and will push you into better wellness and natural living. 

To celebrate 5 years of OK For Kids, we’re taking a look back at where this collection started and how far it’s come. 

OK For Kids Is Born

In August 2016, the long-awaited OK For Kids line came into existence and made quite the splash! For years, Edens Garden fans had asked for essential oil blends for kids and we delivered by adding 18 new blends that were safe for kids and kid-approved. Today, we’ve sold thousands of OK For Kids oils, and one always comes out on top–Sleepy Head

On A Roll

Later that same year, Edens Garden introduced new OK For Kids bottle sizes and roll-ons, making it more convenient than ever to use essential oils topically and on-the-go. Prediluted to doses that maximize the benefits of each individual OK For Kids blend, these roll-ons were a hit from the get-go and still are to this day. So much so that the Focus, Focus, Focus roll-on is not only our best selling OK For Kids roll-on, it’s also in the top three best sellers for all EG roll-ons. 

A New Way To Spray

Last year, we created a new way for people to enjoy the exquisite aromas and incredible benefits of OK For Kids by introducing three new OK For Kids room sprays. And just like our roll-ons, Sound Asleep room spray was so popular that it’s not only our best selling OK For Kids finished product, it’s also in our top three most popular room sprays overall. 

What’s your favorite OK For Kids product? Let us know in the comments!

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Pete Meendering

August 2, 2021 at 1:45 pm

My favorite is Breathe In, Breathe Out. Smells fantastic and helps me breathe!