Pillow Talk: Get Some Rest With EG's New Sleep Set Of Essential Oils

by Jenna Jones August 14, 2019

Pillow Talk: Get Some Rest With EG's New Sleep Set Of Essential Oils

Catching z’s doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but you can use natural means to effectively fall asleep — and stay that way. And with our new Sleep sets, it’s now easier than ever to get some shut-eye. Available in sets of 3 or 6 synergies, each blend has been expertly formulated with oils that promote rest and relaxation. All of our sets are also discounted, making it more affordable than ever to fall in love with EG’s array of beloved sleep blends. Not familiar with the blends featured in this set? Allow us to introduce you to the all-star blends that make the Sleep set a must-have.

Available In Both Sleep Sets

Good Night: The MVP of sleep blends, Good Night has been turning off the lights and tucking people into bed since EG’s inception. Powdery, soft and light-as-air, you’ll understand on first whiff why Good Night is our best seller in the sleep department.

Sleep Ease: Sweet dreams are made of Sleep Ease. This rosy, geranium-forward blend is filled with floral goodness. Like nodding off in a meadow of flowers, great sleep is a whiff away with Sleep Ease.

Tranquility: A blend that instills peace and relaxation, Tranquility is the perfect precursor to your evening routine. Diffuse this blend as you start to unwind for the day and ease into night-mode.

Available In The Sleep 6 Set

Chamomile Lavender: Switch on “Do Not Disturb” mode with Chamomile Lavender. This blend puts to rest an overactive mind and pushes away distractions. Subtly sweet and elegantly floral, Chamomile Lavender lightens the load of even the most burdensome days.

Quiet Time: A dynamic blend of sleep-worthy essential oils, Quiet Time is like a hot, steamy cup of tea before bed. Skip the tea-making process (and the midnight trip to the bathroom) by inhaling Quiet Time at bedtime instead.

Relaxation: Zen-out with EG’s best-selling synergy blend, Relaxation. Just as sleep is restorative, this blend promotes deep repose that can lull you to sleep or simply keep your headspace free of negativity. Relaxation massages out the kinks of the day, so you can rest easy.

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