Introducing The Around The World Set

Your all-inclusive vacation has arrived with the addition of the Around The World Set! Available in two different sizes, it’s...

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Introducing The Edens Garden Essential Oil Case + Large Sets

Sometimes less is more. But in the case of our large sets, more is more. With our new essential oil...

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What’s in EG’s Top Single Essential Oils Set?

By now you might have heard we’ve just released a huge batch of new essential oil sets. We worked diligently...

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What's in EG's Top Synergy Blends Set?

At EG, our synergy blend collection combines science, aromatic excellence, safety and efficacy, taking the guesswork out of using essential...

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What's in EG's Best of the Best Set of Essential Oils

We frequently get asked, “What are your best, favorite, most popular oils?” So we curated a collection that not only...

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Introducing The Diffuser Set

Just in time for the holidays, discover the timelessness of aromatherapy with the new Diffuser set. Expertly formulated with an...

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