What's in EG's Best of the Best Set of Essential Oils

by Grace Martin August 07, 2019

What's in EG's Best of the Best Set of Essential Oils

We frequently get asked, “What are your best, favorite, most popular oils?” So we curated a collection that not only answers that question but makes it easy for you to attain with our Best of the Best sets. EG’s newly revamped Best of the Best now combines single oils and synergy blends to create a set worth its weight in gold. However, rather than set its price at the price of gold though, each set is discounted so you can get more. The Best of the Best is a great option to those starting out with essential oils and to anyone who wants to build upon their aromatherapy foundation. Comprised of oils that target a variety of everyday issues, there is something for everyone here.

Available In All Best Of The Best Sets

Fighting Five: Keeping people healthy has been Fighting Five’s forte throughout EG’s decade-long existence. In our opinion, this wonderful blend must be shared with the world, so naturally, we’ve included it in all of our Best of the Best sets.

Lavender: When we think “Best of the Best,” Lavender instinctively comes to mind. This hardy essential oil runs the gamut of therapeutic properties and can be used to assist everyday issues, large and small. Afterall, Lavender wasn’t dubbed the Mother of Essential Oils for nothing.

Lemon: There’s a reason citrus aromas are among the most favored, and Lemon is the ideal citrus oil. Fresh and vibrant with fruity nuances, Lemon is another highly versatile oil we use for just about everything, and we have a feeling you will too (that is, if you don’t already).

Available In Best Of The Best 6 Set+

Anxiety Ease: The Mary Poppins of blends, Anxiety Ease is known to produce a cheery disposition in even the dreariest of souls. Sweet and uplifting, a stress-free day is a bottle of Anxiety Ease away.

Breathe Easier: Don’t spend another second bogged down by congestion and breathing infirmities with Breathe Easier synergy. This blend is among our most popular for its innate ability to clear airways, allowing you to breathe your best. 

Available In Best Of The Best 12 Set+

Good Night: Sleeping has never felt easier than with Good Night. Powdery, soft and light-as-air, you’ll understand on first whiff why Good Night is our best seller in the sleep department. Warning, this blend may encourage sleeping in.

Available In Best Of The Best 24 Set+

Grapefruit Pink Pepper: Filled with fruitful antioxidants, Grapefruit Pink Pepper allows you to reclaim wellness. Like houseplants, this bright and citrusy blend purifies the air while evoking a sense of joy. Not to mention, its aroma is simply wonderful.

Available In Best Of The Best 48 Set

Muscle Relief: Like a top-rated Massage Therapist you find on Yelp, Muscle Relief checks all the boxes of a perfect blend for soreness and pain. Both cooling and warm, Muscle Relief sinks deep into tender tissues, promoting effective restoration of muscles and joints.

Though we decided to highlight a select few single oils and synergy blends, the Best of the Best sets comes with an abundance of other oils we know you’ll love. To see the full list of oils each set contains, click the sets below and browse under “Contains.”

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