The Essential Oil Secret To Air Drying Your Hair

What’s the secret to effortless locks, the likes of which the Olsen twins, Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss have caught onto? Air drying hair. It’s the new blowout, and it doesn’t take up half of your morning. Just hop out of the shower or rinse your hair, give it a quick brush, apply some serum, and voila! The summer waves you may have longed for are easier to achieve than you think and can be created sans hot styling tools that can damage your hair.

A natural, nourishing, hair styling serum can also take your new air drying hair routine to the next level. Enter the Edens Garden experts with this simply formulated DIY coconut serum. This coconut serum includes haircare favorites like Coconut and Argan oil, as well as cyclomethicone. Cyclomethicone is a wonder ingredient and is found in high-end hair serums such as Moroccanoil Treatment Original. It evaporates quickly, leaving hair shiny and beautiful without leaving build-up. If you want extra shine, moisturized hair and no split ends or frizz, then you’ll want to make this serum.

What you need

Yield: 3 oz of serum

1 Tbsp Coconut oil

1 Tbsp Argan oil

2 oz Cyclomethicone

8 drops Geranium

6 drops Grapefruit

4 drops Rosemary

How to

Thoroughly stir ingredients together and add to a spray or pump bottle. When hair is wet, comb once and blot hair moderately dry. Don’t rub hair dry, as this can be damaging, and don’t towel dry to prevent over-drying hair. When hair is still wet, comb serum through your hair once or twice, using your fingers. Let air dry as you go about your day, and enjoy effortless tresses.

Developed by an aromatherapist


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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Sylvia! We have not tried this on a pixie cut, but we look forward to hearing how this works for you!

  • Sylvia S. says...

    Hi Edens Garden,

    Has anyone tried this with a pixie haircut? I love the idea of air drying, especially when traveling, but am curious if it works just as well on shorter hair. Guess I’ll just have to try it out!

    Love your products.

    Thanks, Sylvia S. :)

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Nita! This is true of every body product, and the subject of our latest blog post, “How And Why To Do A Patch Test”:

  • Nita says...

    Though cyclomethicone is believed to have a variety of benefits, there are some drawbacks to using this product, especially for those with sensitive skin. For example, this ingredient is a non-comedogenic, which means that it doesn’t clog pores or cling to skin, but has been known to cause minor skin and eye irritation. Always make sure to first test any new products you purchase on a small area of your skin to ensure your safety in use. If you have already used a product containing cyclomethicone and are still experiencing signs of irritation after washing with water from your skin, please consult with your dermatologist. He or she may be able to help you find a more suitable emulsifier that is less abrasive to your skin.

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Linda! You can leave out the cyclomethicone and just make an oil serum.

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