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There's an Essential Oil for That!

There's an Essential Oil for That!

Before you stress over that bad breakup or work presentation, keep essential oils in mind as solutions to your daily troubles. Use the power of aromatherapy to help transform your outlook and make every day a little bit better.

Problem: “I’m going through a tough breakup”

Oil solution: Diffuse Uplift synergy blend to help you fight the blues of a broken heart.

Problem:  “I’m sitting next to a sick person on an airplane!”

Oil solution: Inhale Fighting Five synergy blend from a personal pocket inhaler.

Problem: “I can’t focus during my yoga class!”

Oil solution: Add a few drops of Meditation to your yoga mat to quiet your mind.

Problem: “I have a huge presentation tomorrow and I’m so nervous. “

Oil solution: Diffuse Anxiety Ease synergy blend.

Problem: “Help, I’m getting attacked by mosquitos!”

Oil solution: Diffuse Pest Defy synergy blend.

Problem: “I have a big test tomorrow!”

Oil solution: Diffuse Stay Alert while studying and let the learning begin

Grab The Essentials Here:

Uplift Essential Oil Blend from $ 6.95
Uplift Essential Oil Blend
Fighting Five® Essential Oil Blend from $ 7.95
Fighting Five® Essential Oil Blend
Meditation Essential Oil Blend from $ 7.95
Meditation Essential Oil Blend
Anxiety Ease Essential Oil Blend from $ 7.95
Anxiety Ease Essential Oil Blend
Pest Defy® Essential Oil Blend from $ 6.95
Pest Defy® Essential Oil Blend
Stay Alert Essential Oil Blend from $ 6.95
Stay Alert Essential Oil Blend


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4 Responses

Edens Garden

June 17, 2018

Hi Tara! You can check under the “Safety & Shelf Life” section of an oil’s product page whether it is safe for kids 2+ or on the label. Tea Tree alone is a good oil to use, but we would recommend checking with your child’s pediatrician beforehand.


June 17, 2018

I enjoy your ‘ok for kids’ line. I usually by your single oils and make my own blends, for balms rolls, skin care etc. I am looking to make a lice prevention spray for my kids hair as she will start kindergarten in the fall. I am having a hard time finding you single oils that are kid safe. I see them on the bottle (like on your Spike Lavender), but there is no logo on the page or a list of safe single oils. Could you provide that? Is the ‘Shoo Fly’ a good blend for lice prevention? Thank you.

Edens Garden

April 16, 2018

Hi Denise! You might find this article to be helpful: https://www.edensgarden.com/blogs/news/the-best-essential-oils-for-inflammation


April 11, 2018

What is the best oil or oil blend for relief of arthritis pain?
Thank You.