Top 10 Essential Oil Blends For Fall

by Erin Sweeney September 21, 2022

Top 10 Essential Oil Blends For Fall

It’s the first day of fall! This means we can all finally enjoy pumpkin pie, chrysanthemums, harvest, golden leaves and that cold bite in the air. It also means we can break out the fall essential oils to help us ease into and enjoy autumn. And in this guide, we’re listing our favorite essential oil blends that will help you to usher in the season while also staying protected from seasonal threats. Read on to learn more.  

Essential Oils Vs. Scented Candles

Unlike burning scented candles, an essential oil diffuser blend can have incredible health effects on top of providing a great aroma. To help prevent the spread of germs and stuffy noses, essential oils like Patchouli, Basil and Clove- Bud can help refresh the air around you. These are some of the best essential oils that work in synergy as a natural air freshener.

By using an essential oil diffuser, like our Diamond or Terrazzo Diffuser, the healthful properties of essential oils remain intact. What’s more, Edens Garden’s diffusers allow you to use multiple mist settings to achieve the desired intensity of aroma. 

Top 10 Essential Oil Blends For Fall

If you’ve been searching for the perfect fall aroma, look no further than these cozy blends.[1] We recommend diffusing these blends in the early hours of the day while you sip your morning coffee or tea. 


An airy, calming blend with a hint of spice, Autumn Air calls to mind images of changing leaves, hay mazes and apple picking. Protective and healing, this blend helps you adapt to the changing weather. 


This invigorating blend has the perfect combination of citrus and spice to invoke the mood of the season. This combination of Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Orange and Lemon Myrtle is also available in a roll-on for a scent that follows you wherever you go.


A delicious blend of cozy, sweet delights, Coffee Crumb Cake will warm up your space no matter how chilly it is outside. Its aroma is irresistible and true to its name with hints of spicy Cinnamon and freshly brewed coffee. 


A homey combination of smoky woods, Tobacco, Coffee and Tonka, Cozy Cabin inspires thoughts of a toasty, crackling fire. Cozy Cabin essential oil blend is the ultimate hygge combination, reminiscent of the cozy warmth found under the mantel. 


A warm and comforting combo of earthy woods, zesty citrus and a hint of spice. This fun-loving blend captures the cheerful energy that loved ones bring. Diffuse this blend at your next fall gathering to enliven spirits.


With a combination of Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove among other oils, this immune-boosting oil is reminiscent of a spiced cider. If you like On Guard by doTERRA, you will absolutely love this blend. Take it with you on the go with the Guardian roll-on.


Filled with all of your favorite holiday spices and decadent fixings, this blend is the ultimate way to usher in fall. A toasty, sweet concoction highlighted by notes of Coffee, Clove, Cassia and Vanilla, you’re sure to fall for autumnal Spiced Chai Latte blend.


On top of its mood-boosting abilities, this citrusy blend also contains the peppery spice of Cinnamon, Camphor and Eucalyptus. Sunshine Spice is a favorite by almost anyone who encounters it.


Finding the perfect aroma is like pulling on your favorite sweater: it’s cozy, comforting and imbued with good memories, which is why we created Sweater Weather. A blend of warm, woodsy and earthy notes, with Sweater Weather, it’s always the perfect time to cozy up.


This beautiful and complex blend has a warm aroma of delightful orange peel and subtle sweetness from Ylang Ylang. An illustrious blend that promotes stress-relief and comfort, Sweet Ambiance ushers in grounding and confidence.

Fall Diffuser Blend

In addition to our fall essential oil blend collection, you can create your own autumn diffuser recipe by combining the aromas of the season. 

A few aromas may come to mind when thinking about fall, such as Cinnamon-Leaf essential oil, Rosemary essential oil or Clove essential oil but there are numerous other oils that can capture the essence of the season. Even a few citrus oils, like Orange- Sweet essential oil and Lime, can be reminiscent of autumn.[2]

Pumpkin Spice

6 drops Nutmeg

5 drops Orange- Sweet

1 drop Ginger

Fall Rain

4 drops Silver Fir

4 drops Frankincense- Carterii

3 drops Cedarwood- Himalayan 

2 drops Sandalwood- East Indian 

1 drop Peppermint

Fall Orchard

6 drops Copaiba

4 drops Juniper Berry

3 drops Vanilla

2 drops Orange- Sweet 

1 drop Lime

Cinnamon Fire Log

5 drops Muhuhu

4 drops Vetiver

2 drops Cinnamon- Bark

2 drops Tangerine

1 drop Peru Balsam

Additionally, you can add essential oil diffuser blends to your own DIYs and recipes, such as this Fall Hand Soap and Linen Spray. To make your own Fall Hand Soap for house guests to enjoy, add 150 drops of your chosen blend and 2 tablespoons of carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil to 6.5 ounces of unscented hand soap. For a quick Linen Spray, simply combine 25 drops of your chosen blend, 1 tablespoon grain alcohol and 1.5 oz of distilled water in a 2 oz spray bottle.

Fill your home with the aromas of fall to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Feel free to add your own twist on autumn essential oils diffuser blends and most importantly, savor the season!


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Hi Mary! Friends & Family is a limited edition fall blend. We may re-release it around autumn this year 🍂


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Hi Susan! Check back in a few days. We’ll be releasing winter blends including one that has a wonderful Christmas tree aroma.

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I’m looking for an oil for Christmas that smells like a real christmas tree