10 Easy Essential Oil DIY Gifts For Mother's Day

When you think of all the things Moms have to handle on a daily basis, giving Mom a first-rate gift...

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This Or That? Ylang Ylang Oils

Walk through the aromatherapy aisle at your local health foods store and you’re likely to catch a whiff of Ylang...

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Healthy Hair & Scalp Hacks

We all strive for beautiful, healthy and effortless hair, and with essential oils, it can be achieved. But for those...

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Help Manage Hunger & Boost Metabolism

Essential oils have been recognized for their many health benefits, including pain relief, headache reduction, and improved skin conditions. However,...

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The Mother's Day Collection | Treasure & Cherish Mom + 15% Off Limited Time Only Flash Sale

Here at Edens Garden, we believe that women should be celebrated every day - especially on Mother’s Day! That’s why...

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A Guide To Natural Menopause Support & Relief

Menopause is a natural cycle of life and women know too well either from going through it or from the...

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Edens Garden Essential Oils: Everything You Need To Know

As one of the first major direct-to-consumer distributors of essential oils, Edens Garden has taken the aromatherapy industry by storm....

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Relaxing Home | Create A Calm, Peaceful Environment

We can all agree that modern-day living can often be hectic and that it’s easy to feel lost and exhausted...

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Can Essential Oils Help With Memory?

When we become overwhelmed - anxiety, stress, fatigue and even insomnia can affect our mental health. An extremely busy day...

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Transform Your Spring Cleaning With The Home Sweet Home Essential Oil Blend

Spring is in the air and that cleaning time of year has snuck up on us again! And while we...

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Edens Garden vs doTERRA: Everything You Need To Know

Shopping for essential oils is unlike shopping for groceries or other daily necessities. Essential oils are powerful tools that can...

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Got Pain? We Have An Essential Blend For That Called Headache & Migraine Aid

When a headache or migraine strikes, it can be hard to focus and accomplish tasks or be there for those...

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“I have a total of 5 diffusers in my house - including this gem - and have owned a few diffusers in the past years that we’re from major competitors, but died within a year of owning. This diffuser is unbelievable! Not only is it the prettiest one that I own, the emission of the oils during diffusion is prominent. It’s definitely mighty!”
“This lavender essential oil is the best I have ever tried. It not only smells amazing it also seems to have super high anti-inflammatory properties. I was suffering from lower back pain that was keeping me up at night. I applied a few drops of lavender oil mixed with a carrier oil before bed and woke up feeling good as new. I still can't believe it.”
“Currently sick and been diffusing this all night. I woke up feeling better. Plus this blend reminds so much of thieves oil (but doesn’t break the bank!). So many recipes to put this oil to good use. From diffusing, to cleaning products, to hand sanitizers, etc. you name it! I think this blend is definitely worth a shot if you haven’t already tried it! I know I’ll be repurchasing.”