Boost Your Immunity This Fall

by Annie Mascia September 08, 2023

Boost Your Immunity This Fall

Homeostasis is defined as a stable and steady condition to the maintain equilibrium necessary for survival. To achieve homeostasis, all the inner functions of our body must work in tandem to keep us healthy. However, there are various factors that can occasionally undermine our well-being, such as infections, inflammation, poor diet, and environmental stressors causing oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is a form of physical body stress which is caused by free radicals(1). Although free radicals are considered a natural byproduct of the cell process, certain factors can increase their presence such as smoking, UV rays and even air pollution. According to Medical News Today (2), in the simplest of terms, free radicals are unstable atoms that cause oxidative stress in the cells of our body. This cell damage can lead to inflammation, signs of aging and illness as well as a host of other diseases. 

It's important to note that chronic physical, emotional, and mental stress can also weaken the immune system and lead to chronic inflammation. This creates a cycle that reduces our ability to fight off infections and can lead to chronic diseases. To maintain optimal health, it's recommended to identify and manage internal and external stressors effectively, taking charge of leading a healthier life.

To kickstart this health journey, you can begin by cleansing and detoxing the body. A number of methods such as reducing processed foods, increasing consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamin C, and carotenoids and flavenoids can help to reduce free radicals in the body and boost immune system function (1). Another excellent option is to cleanse and detox the body with safe use via inhalation or topical treatment of certain essential oils. 

Notably, citrus essential oils are known for their antioxidative properties as they can bind molecularly with free radicals, neutralizing their harmful effects and reducing oxidative stress on the body. (3)

The Power of Detox & Cleanse Essential Oil Blend

One such essential oil blend, Edens Garden Detox & Cleanse, enticingly targets full-body wellness. In general, essential oils have been known to work in tandem when combined with their sister oils rather than using a single essential oil. This blend combines top-notch essential oils such as Pink Grapefruit, Pink and Black Pepper, and Lavender and Lime which are noted not only for their luscious aromas but for their superior antioxidant and immune-boosting benefits and their ability to fight off microbes.

Detox & Cleanse is noted for its ever-so-slight bitter aromatic that is softened by its clean, refreshing citrus and floral essence that can not only soothe the heart and mind but can also act on oxidative stress all the while boosting the immune system and act as a preventative medicine. (4)

Citrus and floral oils are esteemed for their positive effect on mood, anxiety, inflammation and even their ability to fight germs and fungi. (5) Grapefruit in particular may have an ability to increase circulation and blood flow throughout the body increasing its ability as a liver protective and detox agent. (6,7) Plus, the uplifting oils in this blend such as Lime and Spearmint can help defeat exhaustion and fatigue, giving your day that extra oomph it needs. (8)

Incorporating Detox & Cleanse into Your Daily Routine

Detox & Cleanse, formerly known as Grapefruit Pink Pepper, has an intoxicating aromatic that can enhance well-being, reduce stress and bring elation to the heart and mind. It can be seamlessly integrated into your daily self care routine with a number of methods such as bath and foot bath blends, belly massage oil, and foot massage cream or even used simply by putting essential oils to work in an active or passive diffuser.

If you can find the time to pamper yourself each and every day, this small acknowledgment and moment of thanks for all the hard work you do can begin to transform your life. Whether it’s sitting outdoors for a few minutes to listen to the birds sing or for some quiet meditation, Detox & Cleanse can help to keep yourself mentally positive and physically healthy. At the very least, when the mood strikes, stop to smell the oils and take a few deep breaths - your immune system will thank you.

Fall Immunity Boost with Essential Oils

During the change of seasons, especially from summer to fall, it is important to stay strong and healthy. (9) The shift in temperatures from one season to the next can make the perfect conditions for viruses to flourish and spread leading to increased cases of colds and flu. 

To stay on top of our health and reduce toxins, it's important to be mindful of sleeping well, eating healthy and getting exercise to naturally boost the immune system. However, when needed, essential oils offer their help to maintain a seamless entry from one season to the next to better one's health in the form of preventative measures.  

One of the simplest measures we can take is to wash hands after being outdoors being mindful to do so before eating as a necessary means to keep germs from spreading. As luck would have it, many essential oils in Detox & Cleanse are naturally immune boosting and also have the strength to fight off viruses, bacteria and other germs you may have had contact with. 

One easy DIY project is to make a liquid hand soap with Detox & Cleanse essential oil blend. All you need are a 4 oz bottle, a pump to go with it (or reusing a soap container can keep trash out of the landfill), 1 oz of unscented liquid Castille soap, 3 oz distilled water and 24 drops of Detox & Cleanse essential oil blend. And a little secret, this blend makes a really great gift for friends and family during the change of seasons.

Using Diffusers for Immune Support

Another uncomplicated method of use is with home or office diffusers. An alluring invention that helps to effortlessly emit essential oil molecules into the air, they are inhaled through the nose and immediately elicit a response via the olfactory system to the brain and central nervous system and from there, circulation throughout the body via the lungs and bloodstream.(3)

To distinguish between the multitude of active and passive diffuser types this blog post explains it all. One active diffuser type is the ultrasonic diffuser. Ultrasonics work by vibrating a small plate at its base which sends a mist of water and essential oil particles into the air. Once in the air, they are inhaled when you breathe and circulate through your bloodstream. The Pearl Ultrasonic diffuser and the Diamond diffuser are examples of this. Passive diffusers, on the other hand, gently send the essential oil particles into the air without stimulation, giving off a softer and gentler aroma such as the Reed diffuser and the Bloom diffuser.  

Most essential oils can be considered multi-purpose due to their ability to assist with a number of issues including immunity and detoxification. There are some that cleanse the air and surfaces while also opening up the breath. Some bring calm to the heart and mind while bringing joy. Others can stimulate and uplift mood while simultaneously helping to focus scattered energy. And when united with each other in a blend to nurture a certain purpose, they can be unstoppable. 

Whichever oils you choose, it is recommended to use your diffuser according to manufacturer instructions. However, as a general rule, we suggest placing 6 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of water in your diffuser to maximize their benefit with safety in mind.

Note: Please do not diffuse or use essential oils with children under the age of two as they are much more sensitive to essential oils than adults and the oils can potentially cause adverse reactions. For more safety information when using essential oils with children under the age of 10, we recommend reading this blog post

Creating Immune-Boosting DIY Blends for Fall

Whatever the issue may be, besides Detox & Cleanse, there is a myriad of Edens Garden essential oil blends for health with the strength to assist with a healthy immune system. Choose from blends that facilitate cold relief, alleviate seasonal allergies, reduce tension headaches, and even open the breath. Edens Garden OK for Kids line is a bonus for families who wish to safely use essential oils. We suggest perusing Edens Garden health-focused webpage to familiarize yourself with these blends where there is something for everyone and for every season!

Below are some simple DIY recipes for immune boosting at home to infuse into your daily rituals to maximize their effectiveness: 

Full Body Bubble Bath

Combine in a bowl 1 oz Water, 4 tsp Liquid Castile Soap, 2 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil, Pinch of Sea Salt or Epsom Salt and 10 drops of Detox & Cleanse essential oil. Mix this blend thoroughly, run your warm bath and add the bubble bath blend and soak for at least 15 minutes.

Foot Bath & Foot Scrub

In a small bowl, measure out 2 oz of Epsom Salt to use as a foot scrub after soaking the feet for a few minutes. Place this aside. 

In a small basin or tub that your feet can fit comfortably into and fill with very warm water and place the tub where you would prefer to sit to relax while soaking your feet. In a small bowl, place 4 oz of Epsom Salts, 1 tbsp of liquid Castile Soap & 6 drops of Detox & Cleanse essential oil and blend well. Once blended, add the salt mixture to the foot bath basin and mix the water and salts by hand until they have dissolved. Soak the feet for at least 15-20 minutes. After a few minutes of soaking, and with one foot at a time, use the reserved salts to scrub and soften your feet. To optimize your R&R time, dim the lights, light a candle, turn on some quiet music and close your eyes. After the allotted time, dry your feet thoroughly and moisturize afterward.

Foot Massage Cream

Making a foot massage cream can be very simple. Per ounce of your favorite unscented body cream, add 12-15 drops of Detox & Cleanse essential oil and blend thoroughly. Use a dime-sized amount per food as needed to moisturize the feet, this blend works well after the above foot bath. 

Belly Massage Oil

Grapefruit essential oil is well known to help detox the liver by increasing circulation.(6) As a massage oil, blend 12-15 drops of Detox & Cleanse essential oil blend to 1 oz of your favorite carrier oil such as Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel oil or Grapeseed oil. Massage this oil blend onto your belly, clockwise, in the direction of digestion. Adding a warm compress or heating pad for 5-10 minutes can help the essential oils absorb into the skin. Another oil option is Castor oil, however, this oil is very viscous and can stain clothing. It is recommended to use this oil in the evening before sleep and wrap a cloth over the abdomen, removing it in the morning and washing it off thoroughly. 

Note: Grapefruit oil is phototoxic. If using this essential oil or this oil in a blend, please keep the area out of direct sunlight for 24-48 hours. You can read more about phototoxic oils in this blog post


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I appreciate all the great information in this article. It also reminded me that I recently bought some bath salts with the Detox and Cleanse blend and now I REALLY want to go try them out! I was not sure I would like the blend, so I thought the bath salt would be a good way to test it. It smells so good through the packaging, so I’m sure I’ll be ordering a bottle of the blend soon. Thank you!