Citrus and Floral Bliss: Discover Be Fruitful Essential Oil Blend

by Annie Mascia July 10, 2023

Citrus and Floral Bliss: Discover Be Fruitful Essential Oil Blend

Did you ever notice how sunlight affects mood?

Picture this: It’s the cusp of the seasons between Winter and Spring or Spring and Summer, the sun is shining brightly overhead and the soft blue sky holds only a wisp of a cloud and the air is beginning to warm, losing its crisp coolness. Closing your eyes, you turn your face to directly receive that light. Perhaps you don’t even realize how much your body craves the feeling of the sun upon your skin, and it’s then - in a carnal and needy way that the sun's rays are absorbed deep into your soul bringing radiance and delight to your senses. 

The sun gives us and all the earth's living creatures unconditional love - this includes the food and plants that grow from its abundance. Citrus fruits embody and imitate the sun - collecting its optimism and fortitude to pass on so that in the dreary winter months, when the fruit ripens, our hearts and minds can be replenished just when we need it most. 

Edens Garden Be Fruitful is an essential oil blend meant to simulate the influence of the sun. It is brightly uplifting and brings forth positivity with its considerable content of citrus oil which includes Tangerine, Sweet and Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit oil and Lime as well as its heart-soothing floral and wood elements of Magnolia, Petitgrain and Wormwood that offer relief of stress and anxiety and can improve energy.[6]

In one human study, the measured effects of diffusing Grapefruit and Wild Orange essential oil of 39 nurses and the stress that they encountered during work concluded that citrus essential oil diffusion had positively affected mood. Other studies that have delved into citrus fruits found that due to the many constituents of Citrus fruits, including d-Limonene, not only improve one's constitution but can also support immune system function[7], and energize the senses. 

An uplifted mood leads to the release of calming hormones that counteract stress hormones paving the way for a multitude of health benefits. When we are constantly in a state of stress, health problems can arise in the body including inflammation, digestive issues and heart problems. By reducing that stress and anxiety naturally with plant medicine, our overall health and well-being therefore improve.[3] 

You also may have noticed that lemon essential oil plays a huge part in many cleaning products. This is due to the capacity of citrus oils as antimicrobial, antioxidant and antifungal agents.[2,3,4,5] DIY cleaning products are simple and easy to make and smell incredible. Add Be Fruitful to your homemade DIY cleaning products which you can check out in this blog.

What Are The Most Popular Essential Oil Blends?

There is a countless number of essential oil blends on the market and we would be hard-pressed to distinguish which oil blends are most popular. However, we can turn that question a bit to answer it by what essential oils individuals like best. What is deemed outstanding by one person may not be true for another. We do know, however, that citrus essential oil singles and floral oils such as Lavender are beloved and in demand not only for their delightful aromas but also for their beneficial and researched effectiveness. 

Be Fruitful blend, somewhat comparable to DoTerras Citrus Bliss, is not at the top of Edens Garden’s best-seller list, but is still highly sought after for its irresistible crisp, cleansing, bright and uplifting aromatics. Whatever you choose, know that Edens Garden ensures that all their essential oils sold are therapeutic grade and superior quality on par with DoTerra and Young Living. Nonetheless, the most outstanding consideration is that any purchase made with Edens Garden comes without the added cost of memberships or sales payouts, helping you keep your money where it should be - in your wallet.

What Essential Oils Make A House Smell Good?

Using aromatics in one's home has the ability to turn a mood around and really change the dynamics of how we feel. Smells and odors have a direct pathway to the brain and the sense of smell is so innate to our being that when we are confronted with an aroma, it immediately can change one's mood as the aromatics reach the brain's limbic system.  

Plus, natural plant-based essential oils are changing the way we clean our homes which removes toxic chemical household cleaners from the picture. Whether using essential oils in a diffuser, room spray, candle or DIY cleaning product, numerous essential oils will make a home smell divine. Lemon oil can neutralize odors and other plant oils can open the breath, uplift mood, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress and even bring forth positivity. What you have to decide is what aromas are just right for the occasion. 

So choose your oils wisely by following this simple guide: 

  • Citrus oils will add a ray of sunshine, uplifting mood.
  • Floral oils will bring calm and ease to a worried mind bringing cheerfulness and lightness to the heart and many are ideal in sleep blends. 
  • Leaf oils and Herbal oils such as Tea tree, Eucalyptus- Globulus and Peppermint will open up the breath, freshen and cleanse the air.
  • Tree resin oils are ideal for rituals and spiritual practices such as meditation and can purify a space. 
  • Spicy oils will energize and invigorate bringing focus and warmth.
  • Wood and Root oils are reminiscent of the forest floor, earthy and grounding - centering one's constitution.

What’s more, there are a number of tools to help make your home smell good including active home diffusers, passive diffusers such as aroma sticks, diffusers for travel and for your car and even room sprays which come in handy in most rooms of the house.

What Are The Best Essential Oils And Combinations To Put In A Diffuser?

The best essential oil combinations for use in a diffuser depend on the nose and the mood of those inhaling the aromas. Every person is entirely different in their tastes and preferences as well as their personality. So it's optimal to ask yourself, what mood are you trying to set and what is the occasion? 

This choice also may depend on the time of day. Mornings we suggest diffusing essential oils that will motivate, energize and brighten moods to set you up for the day. Citrus essential oils have the ability to bring forth all of these sentiments. Adding herbal oils for energy and focus that will clear the head can include Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary among others. 

Other thoughts you might want to consider include: is anyone experiencing anxiety and stress or feeling under the weather? Or perhaps you are throwing a party or would like to put your feet up for the evening to relax. Whatever the need and desire, there are thankfully many essential oils we can turn to. 

For example, Be Fruitful essential oil blend contains a generous portion of citrus oils which as you have read previously, benefits mood and uplifts the spirits. With its elements of floral as well as wormwood, this oil can be used nearly any time of the day. It has the ability to clean the air as well as ease nervousness and restlessness. 

For the evening hours just before bed, it would be best to use essential oils that help to calm and create a peaceful environment that supports sleep and rest. In this case, we suggest choosing between Edens Garden's many sleep blends such as Relaxation, Good Night, or our OK for Kids 2+ Sound Asleep and Sleepy Head essential oil blends.


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