Do Essential Oils Have Frequencies? Ask An Aromatherapist

by Bella Martinez June 07, 2022

Patchouli- Dark, Peppermint and Guardian essential oils next to a monstera leaf

Can you feel that? We’re not talking about an earthquake – we’re talking about the frequencies that essential oils purportedly carry. Raising your body’s vibrations is said to be an effective form of alternative medicine and self care. And throughout the years, we at Edens Garden have been asked about the frequencies of our essential oils.  

Do essential oils have frequencies, can they raise your body’s vibrations and what is the reasoning behind raising your body’s vibrations? Read on to find out what we’ve uncovered. 

A Vibrational History

When exactly did this idea of vibrational healing come into play? Let’s look at the timeline.[1]

  • History shows us that ancient Greeks believed vibrations could speed up wound healing
  • 1860's: Swedish medical student, Dr. Jonas Gustav Zander, believed vibrations could increase weight loss and muscle gain
  • 1960’s: The Russians championed vibration therapy, believing it could support muscle gain and bone regeneration
  • 1995: Russian cosmonaut, Valery Polyakov, used a whole body vibrational machine for 15 months in space and purportedly didn’t lose much bone density compared to other cosmonauts who did not use this technology

Raising Your Body’s Frequency

What does it mean to raise your body’s frequency with essential oils? Here are some common claims.[2] 

  • Everything (including humans) has a vibrational frequency, therefore, things we come into contact with can impact our body’s frequency
  • Healthy humans have an electrical frequency between 62-72 MHz
  • Negative emotion can decrease our frequency and positive thought patterns can increase our frequency
  • Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any natural substance. Rose essential oil is believed to have the highest frequency of 320 MHz
  • Simply using essential oils can positively impact our body’s frequency

Examples of purported essential oil frequencies include: 

  • Frankincense oil: 147 MHz
  • Lavender oil: 118 MHz
  • Sandalwood oil: 98 MHz
  • Peppermint oil: 78 MHz
  • Basil oil: 52 MHz
  • Rose oil: 320 MHz

You may have heard claims like these within the essential oil community, but where do these claims stem from? Essential oil pioneer, D. Gary Young, is said to be the first to claim pure essential oils have frequencies that can in turn increase the body’s frequency. 

Young claims that Dr. Rife, who invented the higher frequency generator nearly a decade ago, influenced his own beliefs. As evidence that essential oils have frequencies, it’s been claimed that Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology created a device that measured the frequency of essential oils and their effects on human frequencies, though this was never proven.[3] 

So what are the benefits of raising your body’s vibrations? Proponents of this theory have claimed that at a specific frequency, you can prevent the development of cancer cells and viruses[4] as well as enhance the body’s ability to repair itself. 

The method in which this is achieved? “...The frequencies of essential oils are transferred by spinning energy to the body through a vortex...”[5]

Do Essential Oils Have Frequencies? 

Author and mental health expert,  Ashley Peterson notes that there are different types of vibrations happening on an atomic and quantum level. Atoms vibrate at certain frequencies when bonded, for example. However, because vibrations are happening on a molecular level does not mean that the frequency of the human body is impacted by everything it comes into contact with, including essential oils. 

Furthermore, claims about essential oils' effect on the body’s vibrations have not yet been proven. 

It’s also worth noting, that in researching the frequencies of essential oils, some sources use mega hertz (MHz) and hertz (Hz) interchangeably, despite 1 MHz equaling 1,000,000 Hz.

Finally, the commonly found claim that the average frequency of the human body is 62-72 MHz is unfounded. A study on the effects vibrations have on those who drive special equipment vehicles found that the natural frequency of the human body is in fact 7.5 Hz.[6]

What Is Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT)?

Despite frequencies of essential oils being largely unsubstantiated, growing evidence of whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) being an effective method of fitness training, especially amongst the elderly, does exist. 

WBVT is a machine that vibrates rapidly at around 60 Hz. It works by having the user stand or sit on the machine while it vibrates. This rapid vibration causes tonic vibration reflex – muscle contractions stimulated by vibration. 

Studies have shown that though this method of passive fitness training may not be as effective as active forms of exercise, WBVT offers the following benefits to certain groups of individuals:[7] 

  • Increases circulation
  • Assists balance
  • Boosts bone mass
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Enhances endurance

Why We Love Essential Oils

The jury may still be out on essential oils increasing your body’s vibrations, but the good news is that essential oils can lend a helping hand in everyday situations. From enhancing sleep and giving you a mood boost to increasing energy and soothing aches, essential oils have much to offer. Discover what essential oils can do for you by visiting our blog or shopping by use


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1 comment

John Hite

June 8, 2022 at 11:56 am

Dr Royal Rife died in 1971 so maybe the article should say “century” instead of “decade” ago.

D. Gary Young of Young Living was said to be a MLM spammer and has no credibility with me.It is reported that he eventually started selling good oil but gc/ms tests tripped him up earlier on and he was always way more expensive than E.G. He was making a baseless statement when he said “essential oils have frequencies that can in turn increase the body’s frequency”. Maybe an essential oil can affect one’s frequencies by modifying their mood via a chemical response but the oil’s frequency has nothing to do with that. One can infer that water has a frequency. Does it modify my frequency if I rub a little on my arm?

Having said the foregoing I will say that Bella did a good job of research and reporting in this article, separating fact from opinion. I admire the fact that her work is based upon evidence-based aromatherapy. Everyone I have encountered at EG is top notch.