No Time To Clean? Diffuse These Essential Oils!

by Erin Sweeney December 30, 2017

No Time To Clean? Diffuse These Essential Oils!

There are those rare humans who enjoy scrubbing dishes, folding laundry and polishing the floors, but for most of us, cleaning is a chore (pun intended). Nobody wants a messy home, but sometimes the busyness of life keeps us from tidying up before guests arrive.

Along with the classic cleaning illusions like putting dirty dishes in the oven and flipping couch cushions, filling your home with a fresh aroma can make your guests perceive cleanliness.

Try diffusing a few drops of essential oil in a Ceramic Bloom Diffuser or Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser for the days when your mother-in-law comes over unannounced or a neighbor drops by for a visit. Here are our picks for essential oils to make you look like a domestic expert.

Aroma Fresh: Replace any odors with Aroma Fresh. For the quickest application, add 2-3 drops to a spray bottle with purified water and spritz as needed.

Cleaning: This blend goes without saying, but its aroma can easily double as a fancy perfume. Cleaning has tons of antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic qualities.

Douglas Fir essential oil: A natural way to get that outdoorsy clean aroma, Douglas Fir has sweet and citrusy notes sure to impress.

Lemon essential oil: The crisp aroma of lemon has long been associated with clean spaces, so simply add a few drops to the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser and confidently invite guests in.

Tranquility: Make your visitors feel like they entered a spa with Tranquility’s calming aroma. With warm and floral notes, this blend will help everyone chill out.

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