Ocean Breeze Hair Perfume

by Annie Mascia May 14, 2023

As an alternative to spraying the fragrance into your hair, try spraying it on a wooden comb and brushing the aromatics through your hair. Lastly, ensure your essential oil products last by storing them in a cool, dry, dark area.

It’s all the rage to not only use essential oils as natural perfumes but to target these naturally refreshing aromatics onto the hair. This practice not only makes your hair smell good but also offers various benefits for your hair and scalp. 

Those worried about hair grease need not worry. Because essential oils are derived from plants to extract their essence or fragrance, they do not have the same heaviness as carrier oils because they aren’t composed of fatty acids like carrier oils.[1] As with all essential oil applications, you will be using them diluted in a blend.  

Depending on the plant an essential oil is derived from, essential oils can have different consistencies – some being thicker than others. One similarity to note is that, just like carrier oils, essential oils do not mix well with water. Alcohol is often used to dissolve essential oils into water-based blends such as room sprays. In general, only a small amount is needed in a blend. With hair care, some alcohols can dry out your hair and others can be more conditioning.[2] In this case, unscented witch hazel would be an excellent alternative.

Edens Garden’s Ocean Breeze essential oil blend is a perfect complement to use as a natural perfume. Not only will it help lift your spirits, turn around sour moods and center your mind, but this aromatic will also add a nostalgic reminiscence of endless summer memories. In fact, its blend of uplifting citrus, heart-centering floral and grounding base notes is the perfect aroma to kick off summer.[3]

Here’s why we can’t get enough of essential oil hair fragrance:

1. Hair is known to hold aromatics longer than the skin. Outside of spritzing your clothing, it’s the perfect place to add a refreshing essential oil spritz. You can also reapply the aroma throughout the day when in need of a refresher.

2. Essential oils are a natural fragrance and offer a wide variety of aromatics to choose from. Plus, unlike store-bought perfumes, pure essential oils do not contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Perfumes today are made with a multitude of chemicals whose exact composition is not disclosed. These chemicals have been found to be sensitizers, hormone disruptors and reproductive toxins, and for some, can cause contact dermatitis.[4,5,6] 

3. Essential oils offer numerous benefits to your hair and scalp by improving hair growth, soothing itchy scalp and promoting healthy hair by reducing inflammation and adding hydration.[7,8]

Here are a few steps to keep in mind when using essential oils on the hair: 

1. Choose the essential oils or a blend: Not all essential oils are suitable for hair use, so make sure you choose oils that are safe for your hair type. Edens Garden’s Ocean Breeze essential oil blend was formulated with oils that are incredibly beneficial not only for the mind but for hair and scalp. 

2. Dilute the Essential Oils: Following safe dilution practices just as you would for topical treatments is highly recommended. It's rare to need more than a 1-3% dilution as essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences. For hair treatments, we recommend starting with a very small amount of grain alcohol  (1-2 tablespoons) which you should blend with essential oils. 

    Hair Perfume Recipe Ideas

    1. Blend into an unscented shampoo or conditioner. Following a 1% dilution guideline, add 6 drops of Ocean Breeze essential oil blend per ounce of shampoo or conditioner. 

    2. Make a natural hair perfume. For those with oily, curly or thick hair, blend  24 drops of Ocean Breeze and 2 tablespoons of Grain Alcohol into a 4 oz Amber Glass Bottle with a Sprayer. Let the essential oils emulsify into the alcohol for a few hours or optimally overnight. When ready, fill the remainder of the bottle with one of the following:
    • Witch Hazel for oily hair
    • Distilled Water or Rosewater for normal hair
    • Lavender or Tea Tree Hydrosol for dry scalp and hair
    Shake and spray onto clean hair and locks.

    3. Whether you have dry brittle hair or thick flowing locks, we can all use a bit of healthy shine. Create an Ocean Breeze hair oil by combining 1 oz of hair-loving carrier oil with 6 drops of Ocean Breeze blend:
    As an alternative to spraying the fragrance into your hair, try spraying it on a wooden comb and brushing the aromatics through your hair. Lastly, ensure your essential oil products last by storing them in a cool, dry, dark area.


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