The Best Benefits Of A Car Diffuser

by Bella Martinez January 11, 2022

Hand holding aromaride car diffuser in a car

Between commuting, leisurely rides, road trips and everyday transportation needs, on average Americans drive 25 miles or 1 hour per day. That’s equivalent to 9,125 miles, 15 days per year and quite a lot of time spent in the car, if you ask us.  With so much driving, it’s about time you upgraded your ride, and we don’t mean with a new car. 

Instead, get yourself an essential oil car diffuser. With benefits that boost wellness while making your drive more enjoyable, you can turn every commute into a joy ride with car essential oil diffusers. Read on to learn more.  

The Best Benefits Of A Car Diffuser

From keeping your car smelling brand new to helping you stay focused behind the wheel, we’ve narrowed down the best benefits of diffusing essential oil in your car. 


Car’s are notorious for trapping unpleasant odors. Thus, a good deodorizer is a must. Enter your car essential oil diffuser and the right deodorizing blend. 

Unlike a car air freshener which may contain a harmful chemical or synthetic fragrance, a proper car diffuser can emit a steady stream of 100% pure essential oil which offers additional benefits towards wellness. 

To start deodorizing your car, here are a few of our favorite odor-clearing blends: 

Staying Energized

The Department of Motor Vehicles has a few tips for staying awake while on the road, including pulling over and resting, taking breaks every two hours behind the wheel and driving with a passenger. 

Along with these tips, add a few drops of an energizing blend to your car diffuser to remain alert while driving. Here are a few of the best essential oils for staying awake:

Positive Commuting

With traffic, impatient drivers, detours and road rage, staying positive behind the wheel can be challenging at times. Unless that is, you’re equipped with mood-boosting essential oils. 

Studies have illuminated the effects of essential oils’ mood-boosting effects. 

  • Scientists studied the effects of mood in a study that compared inhalation of Lemon oil, Lavender oil and water. Compared to Lavender and water, Lemon oil was found to uniquely enhance a positive mood.
  • A study on the effects of diffused citrus oils on the stress and mood levels of 39 clinical nurses was measured. The citrus essential oil blend contained ​​Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine and Vanilla. A self-report questionnaire revealed that the blend significantly improved mood and lowered stress levels.

For the driver who wants to infuse a little positivity into their daily drive, there may be no better option than taking mood-boosting essential oils and adding them to a car aroma diffuser. Here are a few oils that will surely put a smile on your face: 


Sometimes, we just want something to elevate our atmosphere, and nothing achieves this better than aromatherapy. Want to go for a ride around a tropical island? Pick-up Beach House. Wish you were touring towering redwoods? Pop-in Cedarwood Spruce. How about a desert safari? Let Earth & Wood be your guide. Certain essential oils have a way of stimulating our senses and turning commutes into journeys. 

Aromaride Car Diffuser

Unlike an ultrasonic diffuser which requires water or a USB diffuser that requires you to choose between charging your phone or using your diffuser (farewell phone battery), the Aromaride Car Diffusers work with just a few drops of your favorite essential oil added to its scent pad. Then simply fit the vent clip onto your car’s air vent, and voila! You just gave your car the aromatic tune-up it deserves. Discover why the best essential oil diffuser for your car lives at Edens Garden, with the Aromaride Car Diffuser


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Edens Garden

January 14, 2022 at 1:57 pm

Hi Leann! We suggest changing the wick every so often. If it gets hard, this is an indicator it’s time to change it. You can purchase new wicks here:

Leann McClintick

January 14, 2022 at 1:52 pm

I have the aromaride diffuser. The scent doesn’t last more than a day. The wick gets hard and won’t accept more drops. Are you supposed to change the wick daily? How can that be cost effective? Thanks for help and guidance.