This or That: Blends for Inflammation

by Bella Martinez July 09, 2019

This or That: Blends for Inflammation

A little-known secret here at Edens Garden is that we offer two great synergy blends for inflammation. You may think of Yuzu Cannabliss as your go-to when stress arises and Align as the mediator to a hectic day, but ask anyone at EG HQ what they reach for when inflammation hits and they’ll say “Yuzu Cannabliss and Align!” Now, you may be thinking, “That’s good to know, but how do I decide which one to bring home?” Though these two blends target the same issue, they offer enough distinction to make the decision easy. Read on for the skinny on our favorite blends for inflammation.

Yuzu Cannabliss

Contains: Grapefruit, Orange, Hemp, Yuzu and Sandalwood.

Aroma: Bright and citrusy top notes with down-to-earth, green, woody base notes.

Highlights: Targets chronic inflammation and pain.

When it comes to arthritis, joint pain and other ongoing problems caused by inflammation, break out Yuzu Cannabliss. This fruitful blend contains a variety of citruses, each containing significant amounts of limonene. Noted for their superb anti-inflammatory action, citrus oils and the limonene they contain are great for soothing -itises small and large. The effects of these citrus oils are bolstered by the addition of Hemp, which contains soothing beta-caryophyllene and inflammation-fighting myrcene. Not to mention East Indian Sandalwood, which one study referred to as a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory agent. Together, these oils make for a no-holds-barred blend for inflammation relief. Yuzu Cannabliss is prediluted and ready to use in a convenient roll-on and body oil.


Contains: Frankincense, White Spruce, Rosewood and Blue Tansy.

Aroma: Earthy, terpenic top notes balance floral, fruity heart notes.

Highlights: Combats acute inflammation and inflammation related to skin issues.

When dermatitis, psoriasis or injury- and respiratory-related inflammation finds you, count on Align to restore balance. Align is a mellow, softly sweet blend that soothes discomforts while calming the mind. And with Frankincense as the star player, Align not only quells swelling but also helps reduce bruising. Frankincense may be the leader, but White Spruce, Rosewood and Blue Tansy come in a close second. White Spruce promotes healthy breathing, which is a must in cases of respiratory inflammation. On the other hand, linalool-rich Rosewood promotes healing in traditional cases of inflammation, such as edema. Last but not least, naturally occuring sabinene and chamazulene (in Blue Tansy) make this oil a force to be reckoned with. Pick up Align in a prediluted roll-on and say goodbye to acute inflammation.

Read on for the skinny on our favorite essential oils for inflammation.

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