This Or That: What’s The Difference Between Orange Essential Oils?

by Jenna Jones April 04, 2018

This or That: Orange, Orange and More Orange!

Orange oils have become a staple in almost every essential oil user’s home, and it’s no wonder why! Orange oils are known for their versatile and various therapeutic properties, as well as their robust aromas. From being used in perfumes to cleaning products, Orange is the new Lemon.

So why is Orange so popular? Orange oils have a very high limonene content, making them wonderfully helpful in the following areas:

  • A study on the immunomodulatory properties of monoterpenes showed the potentiating effect of limonene on the immune system.[1]
  • In an elevated maze model, limonene exhibited strong anxiolytic effects when inhaled at a concentration of .5% and 1%.[2]
  • A study that compared the radical-scavenging activity of essential oils found limonene and Lavender essential oil to have the highest antioxidant potential.[3]
  • Various research has shown that limonene can soothe GERD and heartburn while protecting the stomach lining and neutralizing gastric acid. 
  • A study on Yuzu essential oil high in limonene found that the oil helped reduce bronchial inflammation, thus supporting asthma.[4] This is in line with other studies that have revealed limonene to be anti-inflammatory. 

We also love using Orange oils in DIY cleaners for their antibacterial and antiviral potential and to promote a positive and uplifting environment.

Edens Garden’s Orange Oil

With so many different types of Orange oil at Edens Garden, choosing just one can be a little overwhelming. So what’s the difference?

Because they all have a high content of limonene, therapeutically they are very much the same. What it really boils down to is their differing aromas. We don’t offer digital smell technology, so we’ll do our best to explain the unique aromas that define each of our Orange oils.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange is derived from the orange peel of the same tree as both Petitgrain and Neroli. It’s therefore no surprise that it shares a similar aroma quality to both these oils–the sharp, vegetative aroma of Petitgrain and the floral sweetness of Neroli. Much like its orange relatives, Bitter Orange is also very fruity and fresh. 

Blood Orange

Blood Orange has an aroma that takes you right into the orange groves. The aroma is similar to that of the orange peel, with a fruity sweetness blended into a beautiful tangy green aroma.

Sweet Orange

We love the soft complexities of our Sweet Orange essential oil. This oil is very true to its name. Think of orange candy with a tart filling and soda. Out of all of our oranges, this one may have the most traditional orange aroma.

Orange Around The World Oil

Can’t get enough Orange? Have them all with the Orange Around The World Oil. Its citrusy vibrancy matches the sunny areas from which it’s sourced, such as:

  • California
  • Belize
  • Florida
  • Greece
  • Italy

If you love Orange, you’ll want to get acquainted with Orange Around The World Oil. Its rich Orange aroma is the ultimate mood booster. Try pairing it with Lemon Around The World Oil for an unmatched citrus aroma.


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Krishna Patel

April 27, 2021 at 12:41 pm

Would any of these orange oils be safe to put in coconut oil for oil pulling? I have heard that orange is a great whitener for teeth.