Video: Essential Oil Sachet DIY

by Bella Martinez October 02, 2017

Video: Essential Oil Sachet DIY

Give your drawers and tiny spaces an amazing aroma by making an Essential Oil Sachet. We tested a few different combinations and came up with this 50-drop blend.

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What You Need:

Small burlap sack
Dry flowers in bowl
Essential oils
Small spoon

50-Drop Blend:

Lavender- 15 drops
Sweet Orange- 12 drops
Yuzu- 7 drops
Clove Bud- 4 drops
Vetiver- 3 drops
Patchouli- 2 drops
Rose (Bulgarian)- 2 drops
Ylang Ylang- 2 drops
Geranium- 2 drops 
Jasmine- 1 drops

How To:

1. Combine essential oils and dry flowers
2. Spoon flowers into the sachet
3. Print label
4. Put label on and tie tightly shut


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