Warning Signs You're About to Burnout

by Erin Sweeney January 02, 2018

Warning Signs You're About to Burnout

Stress affects everyone to some degree. Just thinking about stress might get your heart racing, but what happens when you let stress buildup? You experience a breaking point called burnout. This level of stress does not only hurt our feelings, but our bodies as well.

When stress occurs, a series of reactions in our bodies take place. The heart begins to beat faster, blood pumps more heavily, breathing quickens, the liver produces more glucose, etc. All of these physiological responses can lead to health problems overtime, such as heart disease, obesity and even alzheimer's.

EG’s hope for 2018 is for people to know the signs and symptoms of burnout, in order to prevent it. One way to help reduce stress is with the use of therapeutic essential oils. Scientific studies today show promising results in the reduction of stress by the use of essential oils. So much so that we believe when these signs of burnout start to occur, EOs can help you to a life of less stress:

Emotional Exhaustion: Psychiatrist, Herbert J. Freundenberger coined the term burnout, stating it was “A state of fatigue or frustration brought about by devotion to a cause, way of life, or relationship that failed to produce the expected reward.” When you start to feel emotionally exhausted or fragile, choose an oil that brings you to a happier state of mind. For example, does the aroma of Guava Seed bring you back to memories of a trip to the tropics? Do you think of citrus when you think of uplifting aromas? Try Citrus Cream, Simply Citrus or Uplift.

Feeling Overwhelmed: When so much is being demanded of you, it is easy to feel burnout. Psychology Professor, Elliot Aronson said of burnout “A state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in emotionally demanding situations.” A recent study showed that Lavender helped to decrease heart rate and blood pressure in surgical ICU patients, as well as reduce postpartum depression. Lavender and other floral oils, such as Neroli and Magnolia, may be effective in helping to reduce a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Anxiety: With 18.1% of the US population affected, anxiety is the most prevalent mental illness in the US today. Despite being highly treatable, only a mere 36.9% of those with anxiety get treatment. These jarring statistics reveal the importance of those suffering from anxiety and stress to seek treatment from qualified medical professionals. Synergy blends such as Anxiety Ease, Stress Relief and Worry Less may help provide comfort to those suffering as well.

Chronic Sleeping Disorders: Intense stress can easily cause people to have trouble sleeping at night. Your body needs rest, especially in times of chaos and upheaval. Numerous studies show the promising benefits of essential oils in helping to assist with sleep. If you find your mind racing when you should be sleeping, try Good Night, Sleep Ease or Sound Asleep.

*In cases of stress and anxiety, we suggest first seeking assistance from a qualified medical professional.

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