Welcoming 10 New Single Essential Oils

Our shop is in full bloom with the addition of 10 new single oils. Available today, our 10 new singles were handpicked for their amazing aromas and bountiful therapeutic benefits. From Agarwood to Magnolia, our freshest essential oils will become your new favorites.

Agarwood (Oud) - As you inhale, savor the bitter-sweet, leathery, animalic notes of what is known as the “Wood of the gods.” Oud alone makes the perfect men’s cologne.

Blue Cypress - With anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties, Blue Cypress is touted as being an exceptional oil for the skin.

Douglas Fir -  Like many coniferous oils, Douglas Fir is antiseptic and often used to support respiratory health. Its aroma is sweet and fresh with citrusy notes, and can be stimulating to the senses.

Helichrysum Gymnocephalum - Its soft, eucalyptus-like aroma opens airways, disinfects the air and clears congestion making it a great pick for overall respiratory health. Combine with other Helichrysums to create a powerful respiratory blend that doubles as a skin-nourishing serum when diluted.  

Kunzea - Wild crafted in Tasmania, Kunzea’s penetrating analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make this oil a great addition to massage blends.  

Lavender Greek - With a distinct aroma and countless applications, Lavender has been used for centuries. Anciently, the Greeks would use Lavender as perfume, bathing and for cooking. Since that time, many have discovered the myriad of benefits that Lavender holds.

Magnolia - Magnolia’s aroma is complex and reminiscent of sweet things like sparkling champagne, a bouquet of flowers or freshly picked fruit. Therapeutically, Magnolia is said to increase circulation, act as a sedative, benefit the skin and relax both the mind and body.  

Manuka - From aiding in skin regeneration, itching, acne and even muscle soreness, Manuka is a medicine cabinet must-have. Allow Manuka’s vibrant aroma to enliven your day and add fresh energy.

Nootka Tree - Its complex, rich aroma adds a unique component to masculine and earthy blends. Today, Nootka Tree is trending as a natural alternative to insect repellent and as a source of antioxidants.  

Saro - Native to Madagascar, Saro is commonly employed to prevent sickness and aid the immune system due to its antiviral properties. Saro’s fresh, vibrant aroma may stimulate the mind and boost creativity.


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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Cheska! Yes, we ship internationally including to the Philippines. We only ship via USPS and UPS.
    You can find us on Amazon as well. Our seller name is: Edens Garden.

    We have an OK For Kids line of blends and sets that were specially formulated for kids 2 years and up!

  • Cheska says...


    I am new in EO and I am checking of possibilities of ordering one directly from your site and shipping it over to the Philippines.

    If it’s possible to ship here in the Philippines, are we able to choose between FedEx and USPS as the courier? If that is not an option, can you give me a tip how to identify the legit sellers from amazon and ebay.

    Lastly, Do you also have a packages for oils and diffuser that is safe for 2yrs toddler? Since it’s my first time, let’s accept the fact that EOs are expensive so I am looking for something that will give the best value for my money.

    Looking forward to hear from you all! Cheers!


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