6 New Men & Women's Wellness Blends

by Grace Martin October 18, 2022

6 New Men & Women's Wellness Blends

Who we were born to be should never burden us but rather set us free. But this can be easy to lose sight of when we experience issues unique to who we intrinsically are. That’s why we developed 6 new blends to support the everyday needs of men and women. Now you can be your truest self. 

This month we’ve launched dozens of new expertly formulated essential oil blends that promote everyday wellbeing. From blends that assist mental health and hormone balance to aromatherapy for hair growth and inflammation, each new product was created out of requests from you – our faithful family of customers. 

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6 New Men & Women's Wellness Blends

Introducing our Men & Women’s Wellness Collection. 


We all want to be the best version of ourselves, and Best Man was formulated to help men do just that. This blend is for those wishing to uncover their inner boldness.


The perfect aroma can turn a good day into a great one, and with Gentle-Men, everyday can be a great one. Inspired by valiant strength, this blend is a force to be reckoned with.


Teetering the line of imbalance can really dampen everyday life, especially when it comes to your hormones. So much of wellness is grounded in finding balance in our bodies and our minds. Hormone Balance can help you take hold of wholeness once again.


One of the most special seasons in a woman’s life is carrying her little one. And while it may seem like a dream at times, pregnancy symptoms tend to bring us back to reality. This is why we created Labor-Less Delivery, so you can be supported throughout your pregnancy.


As women, we’re often told to dread menopause and thus we don’t look forward to what’s in store for us once we reach middle age. It’s high time we flipped the script, so we created Me-No-Pause so you can look forward to whatever life may bring.


Stop Cramps Period is for that time of the month when tampons, pads and liners start cramping our style. Formulated to stop cramps, balance mood and aid general PMS symptoms, this blend is here to lean on when you need it most.  

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