Do essential oils give you weird dreams?

It’s become a common remark that we get at Edens Garden: “Your essential oils gave me weird dreams, vivid dreams, lucid dreams, etc.” The first time I heard a customer comment this, I thought it was simply a coincidence. The second time I was surprised. As someone who hardly ever experiences trouble sleeping, I had never used EOs at bedtime, so it wasn’t something I could speak on. Other staff members however, have voiced that our synergy blends like Good Night gave them unusual and vivid dreams.

Aromatherapy training cultivated in me a desire to learn by being hands-on, and this was something you had to experience to learn about. With that mindset, I grabbed Sleep Ease and Good Night and headed home. My experiment was that I would add a few drops of Sleep Ease to a cotton ball and place it in my pillow the first night. The second night I would remove the cotton ball and sleep without EOs. Finally, the third night I would repeat what I did the first night, but use Good Night instead. 

To my surprise, the first and third night I had much more vivid dreams than the second night. To elaborate, when I awoke after the first and third night, I could remember my dreams in colorful detail. It was as though my dreams were memories of real events. On the contrary, I could not remember in detail what I dreamt the second night which is typical of me.

Following this experiment, I searched for studies that explained my experience. According to a study in which volunteers were subjected to the aroma of roses then rotten eggs, it was proven that outward stimuli such as scents can affect dreams. In this study, the volunteers testified to having pleasant dreams when subjected to the aroma of roses, and nightmarish dreams when subjected to the scent of rotten eggs. Aside from these findings, other studies such as thesehave shown that essential oils can improve the quality of sleep.

There is no telling what results others will have when inhaling EOs while they sleep, as everyone is unique. In my opinion, the vivid dreams that Good Night and Sleep Ease gave me enhanced my sleep experience, and may be something I do in the future just for the fun of it.

What’s your experience with inhaling EOs at night? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • GCC says...

    Clary Sage. This is the only EO I have put on before bed which has had an impact on my dreams. It’s wonderful! Greater dream recall, vivid colors and more frequent lucid dreams are all things I have experienced since using Clary Sage on my temples or diffusing before bed. My personal favorite combo for sleep is equal parts of Lavender and Clary . I wake up feeling refreshed with a clear mind.

  • Jan Fox says...

    This happened to my partner and I last night. We both place lavender oil on out pillows before bed. I had the weirdest and most twisted dreams and my partner complained of this also.
    We are going to try sleeping without any tonight and then trial again the day after to see what happens. Very strange. I also have other essential oils that I may experiment with.

  • Carole Boehnke says...

    I have only been using essential oils for a few months. With cold season on us Ive been running eucalyptus and lavender in the diffuser.

    I thought it was just me having very lucid detauled dreams… But my husband who has not yet been sold on this idea about essential oils.. said to me tonight that he swears these oils are giving him crazy dreams and he has never been a dreamer or could ever remember dreams. Now he says every night he has lots of very livid dreams. I think he’s started to believe essential oils can affect your body

  • Tina Stranc says...

    Every time I defuse Roman camomile as I’m going to bed I have very vivid dreams, they’re not good dreams either. They’re usually full of chaos and stress but they are full of detail and color and when u wake up in remember everything as if it happened in real life. Needless to say I won’t defuse Roman chamomile when going to bed anymore.

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