A Complete Guide to The Best Essential Oils For Sleep

by Charity Dykstra May 28, 2020

A Complete Guide to The Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Sleep. Every bit as important as eating right, a good night’s sleep is what keeps us going. While it’s easy to take it for granted when you’re out with friends or enjoying a favorite TV show, we implore that you take care of yourself with some serious Zs. That’s why we’re here to guide you to the best essential oils for sleep! But before we dive into our list, let’s take a quick look at the theory of sleep-promoting EOs.

Why Essential Oils for Sleep?

There is a range of essential oil aromas and properties. Just to put it in perspective, we carry well over 100 unique EOs! Of that group, each one offers a different aroma and a number of benefits. There are mood-boosters, mind-focusers, brain-calmers, and just about everything in between. So, which essential oils are the best for easing you into deep, restful sleep when you need it? Well, generally speaking, essential oils that aren’t too aromatically bright. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, like Amyris, which offers a refreshing aroma that still manages to melt away stress. With that said, let’s dive into which essential oils for sleep set you up for sleepytime success!


When it comes to putting your body at ease, you can never go wrong with Lavender. Luckily, there are four different variations to choose from! Take your pick: Lavender-French, Lavender-Greek, Lavender-Spike or classic Lavender. Lavender and its varietals are staples of aromatherapy and have a long history of soothing busy minds. With Lavender, you can’t miss!


For those who love soaking in a warm bath before bed, there’s Jasmine Absolute. This beautifully floral EO has the ability to ease the mind and relax the body, making it an ideal essential oil to prep yourself for a first-class ticket to Sleepyville. Simply add a few drops to your bathwater, take a few deep inhales and soak in the aromatherapy goodness.


Another aromatherapy mainstay is Chamomile - Roman. Loved for its serenity-promoting properties, Chamomile has long been used in tea. In a different way but for the same benefits, using this essential oil is a great way to calm the mind before putting your head to the pillow. Here at EG, we’ve created something we call “Evening Repose,” which promotes a solid night’s rest. Simply add 5 drops of Chamomile-Roman, 2 drops of Vetiver and 5 drops Cedarwood-Atlas to your personal inhaler and breathe in deeply 15-30 minutes before bed.


Speaking of Cedarwood - Atlas, this majestic essential oil promotes a peaceful environment when diffused. If you find that your mind tends to wander when you’re getting ready to turn out the light, Cedarwood-Atlas could be your go-to EO. Try adding a few drops in your favorite diffuser 30 minutes before bed. Or, try our DIY Ground Blend: that’s 5 drops Cedarwood-Atlas, 5 drops Vetiver and 5 drops Sandalwood. With a blend as soothing as that, counting sheep is a thing of the past!

Synergy Sleepers

Another way to stop worrying and let your mind’s sheep roam free is our line of sleep-focused synergy blends. If you’ve never tried any of these blends, Good Night is as good a place to start as any. Combining Chamomile, Lavender and others, this blend has a single mission: help you drift off to sleep. We recommend adding a few drops of Good Night to your pillow for truly exceptional sleep. Another sleepytime synergy blend to try out is the aptly named Sleep Ease. When fatigue sets in, diffuse some Sleep Ease for an expedited travel plan to Slumberville. When your children are having a hard time falling asleep, there’s Calm ‘Em Down. This OK For Kids blend offers a calming aroma and relaxing properties. But while it’s safe for kids, adults can enjoy the benefits of Calm ‘Em Down all the same!

Still strolling down the avenue of synergy blends, we come to French Lavender Sage. Combining the aforementioned oils along with Grapefruit, Sweet Marjoram, Damiana, and Cistus, this synergy blend brings together a batch of essential oils that can calm racing thoughts. A little diffusing of this blend and you’ll be peacefully dozing off soon!

A Woody & Smokey Goodnight

For those that prefer the woody and slightly smokey side of EO aromas, may we introduce you to Buddha Wood for your sleep aid? Buddha Wood is also the perfect aroma to diffuse when meditating, offering you a sense of peace and calm before hitting the hay. Speaking of other woody/smokey essential oils for sleep, Amyris is a fantastic selection. While it’s aroma is refreshing, it offers woody, dry and earthy notes. Cast off your stress and anxiety with these essential oils and look forward to drifting off to rest.

Lesser-Known Sleep Gems

While we’ve amassed a pretty extensive list thus far (it is a complete guide, after all), we still have a few more aromatherapy go-to's for a great night of sleep. Celery Seed is known to heighten focus. While that might seem as though that property would keep you awake, in fact, it can do the opposite. A heightened focus can narrow your thoughts, providing you calm, well-balanced thoughts. And that can mean a better night’s sleep. Harmony — a synergy blend that announces its aim in its name — is specially formulated to calm the mind and return you to a balanced state.

Another EO that might not immediately come to mind when you think of sleeping well is Catnip. While Catnip is often used to rile up your cats, it actually has the opposite effect on humans. For rest and repose, seek out Catnip. If Catnip just isn’t an aroma that pleases you, not to worry, because we have a Damiana blend to get you peacefully drifting to sleep. Somewhere between 15-30 minutes before bed, add 10 drops of Damiana, Bergamot, and Muhuhu to your diffuser. Together, these EOs create at atmosphere that says, “Less sheep, more sleep.”

We sincerely hope this deep dive into sleep and essential oils provides a reprieve from a lack of Zs. Also, see our essential oils for insomnia. Do you have a pre-bed EO regimen you’d like to share? Drop it in the comment section below!

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Edens Garden

August 31, 2021 at 8:23 am

Hi Jeff! I suggest Sound Asleep blend–it does not contain any diuretic essential oils.


August 31, 2021 at 8:22 am

Which essential oils are sleep aids without having a diuretic effect?