Essential Oils That Tame Bloating

by Bella Martinez July 02, 2019

Essential Oils That Tame Bloating

When it comes to celebrity remedies, I’m a huge skeptic. Especially when the remedy involves essential oils. Such was the case when I found a recipe for a de-bloating essential oil elixir from celebrity and model Padma Lakshmi. Expecting to tell Padma to please pack her essential oils and go, I was taken aback when I realized the recipe was not only safe but included oils commonly known to relieve fluid retention. Intrigued, I decided to gather up a few volunteers to try the blend for ourselves.

EOs that Deflate the Bloat

First, which oils are known to reduce bloating? Here are a few oils that an aromatherapist might choose:

Juniper Berry: Forest-fresh and earthy, Juniper Berry oil and the cone/berries from which it’s derived, have both been used to remedy lymph congestion, bloating and fluid retention throughout history.

Grapefruit: A favorite amongst citrus and fruit lovers, Grapefruit deters obesity, suppresses appetite and reduces bloating.

Black Pepper: You may think of Black Pepper as a hot, indigestion-inducing spice. But as an essential oil, it’s actually quite nourishing and can reduce fluid retention while soothing your digestive system.

Geranium: Certain oils are particularly great for bloating due to menstruation, and Geranium is at the top of that list.

Peppermint: Refreshing and minty, Peppermint is renowned for its digestive benefits and bloat-fighting abilities.

Cypress: Aromatically, and for suppressing bloating, Cypress and Grapefruit are a winning combination.

Fennel: Especially helpful around a lady’s time of the month, Fennel reduces bloating and fluid retention. Note that this oil is not recommended to be used in cases of heavy bleeding during menstruation.

Testing Padma’s De-Bloating Blend

Padma’s de-bloating blend was comprised of the following ingredients: 40 drops of Juniper Berry oil, 30 drops of Grapefruit oil, 20 drops of Black Pepper oil and 20 drops of Geranium in a 4.5% dilution in Jojoba. As you can see, this blend included a few of the oils listed above.

To test this blend’s efficacy, I copied the recipe exactly and rationed it out to three volunteers, including myself. Each volunteer was instructed to use the blend a few nights that week and report back on their findings. Two volunteers shared positive feedback, while the third volunteer reported feeling more bloated after using the blend. As for me, I applied the blend after dinner and felt more comfortable applying the blend than I had without the blend. But there was no hiding the fact that I'd just eaten a meal. Overall, I’d say the blend worked okay. That said, our test group was very small, and this isn’t to say that this blend couldn’t work for you. Not convinced? I created another synergy for other skeptics of celebrity essential oil recipes.

De-Bloating Blend 2.0

20 drops Peppermint

20 drops Geranium

15 drops Fennel

15 drops Juniper Berry 

12 drops Grapefruit

10 drops Cypress

8 drops Black Pepper

Empty 5 ml bottle

Empty 10 ml roll-on


To create your blend, add the essential oils to a 5 ml stock bottle and shake gently to combine. Then, add 9 drops of your blend to an empty 10 ml roll-on. Top off with Jojoba, close your roll-on and gently shake to combine. Take your roll-on and apply to your abdomen in a clockwise manner.

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