Essential Oils To Improve Your Kids' Naptime!

by Charity Dykstra March 29, 2018

Essential Oils To Improve Your Kids' Naptime!

Few things are as daunting as battling a sleep-deprived child. If temper tantrums and crying are a common phenomenon in your house, or if an hour or two of peace and quiet sounds like a moment of heaven, then it may be time to bring on the midday nap for your child.

Not only is nap time a source of relief for tired parents, but it’s also healthy for the developing brains in your little ones! In fact, daytime sleep has been found to be critical for effective learning in young children. For children 2 years and older, it can be a great idea to incorporate essential oils into naptime.

Here are our top recommendations of our essential oils for kids for rest, and how to effectively use them:

Calm ‘Em Down: First things first, we would recommend establishing a smooth transition into rest time. Dimming the lights, diffusing Calm ‘Em Down, and partaking in quiet activities with little to no noisy stimulation will lead your child into the right state of mind for napping.

Vetiver and Sweet Orange: Speaking of quiet activities, try incorporating calming oils into focused toys like play dough! After crafting our Playdough DIY with 2 drops of Sweet Orange and 1 drop of Vetiver, allow the child to make shapes and mush the dough in their hands before nap time. Sweet Orange will promote positive thoughts and creativity, while the Vetiver will serve to inspire relaxation and concentration.

Sound Asleep or Sleepy Head: A secret weapon in our collection of OK for Kids oils, these sleepy time synergy blends are perfect for promoting a deep, pleasant sleep. Try our DIY pillow spray to use on blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, making the bed a haven of sweet dreams and peaceful calm.

Bergamot essential oil: Diffusing during a daytime nap can be the perfect solution to keeping your tiny tots snoozing. Kids never want to miss out on fun, and their mind may race with possible excitement that may be happening without them. Bergamot is the perfect star in any diffuser blend to relieve these racing thoughts and allow children to rest and feel at ease. Try our Sleep Easy Diffuser Blend, which also utilizes Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage. Bergamot also pairs well in equal parts with Damiana essential oil or Lavender essential oil.

Does your child become grumpy when woken from daytime naps? Try making the wake-up process gradual. Slowly allow more light and noise to filter into their rooms and give them time to wake up before greeting them. Allow them to inhale our Up & At 'Em synergy blend when they are up and at ‘em again!

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