How To Get Your SO Into Essential Oils

by Annie Mascia February 02, 2024

How to Get Your S.O. into E.O.s

As one of the five senses, smell is the most primal and the only sense directly connected to the brain. Our sense of smell travels from our nasal passages, through the olfactory bulb and directly interacts with the limbic system triggering its hormonal centers within. The hormonal centers found within the limbic system, such as the amygdala and the hippocampus, are the areas of the brain that process emotions and memories.(1) 

From the time we are born, smell plays a crucial and relevant role throughout our lives. Did you know that babies have such a keen sense of smell(2) that it helps them bond with their mothers? Aromas recalled from childhood and memorized throughout our lives, whether good or bad, can have an impact on our emotions and aromatic preferences(3). These same fragrances can evoke memories(4) and even impact behavior and mood. 

Understanding Personal Preferences

To understand your significant others (SO) aromatic preference, remember that these answers lie within the boundaries of personal inclination. Aromatic memory, body chemistry and pheromones(5) play a huge role in likes and dislikes. To discern the preference of your SO, begin by exploring and paying attention to the aromas they already use. Does your SO tend to use the same deodorants or do they like to switch it up? Do they use body creams, aftershaves or room sprays? Your job is to take the time to research the products' key aromatics then put your diffuser to work using single oils, one at a time, and note if they comment on the aroma or nudge them a little by stating whether you like it or not. 

Another tactic is to simply ask, “What do you like to smell?” They may be unsure but you can offer a few descriptors without getting too detailed so that you don't influence their response such as woody, fruity, spicy, herbal, floral, sweet. Once you have a lead, it’s easy to narrow down which oils your SO might like. If they’re not sure at all what they like, pull out a few oils that fall into each of the above categories and let them sample your inventory of oils every now and again. This makes a great starting point and helps them decide which oils suit them.

Addressing Common Ailments

There are a number of reasons to choose essential oils to relieve common ailments. Some examples include: 

  • Days that are long and stressful can sap us of our energy. 
  • Nights, when sleep sometimes eludes us, can lead to brain fog and an inability to focus.
  • Many of us sit in front of a computer day in and out leading to back pain and sometimes headaches. 
  • Overexertion can lead to a pulled muscle and stiffness. 
  • Mid-winter brings bouts of the flu or colds that easily spreads around the household. 

There are many more reasons but no matter the root of the problem, we can say with certainty, there is an oil for that! 

Incorporating Essential Oils into Everyday Life

When you go about your day, wait for the opportune moment to introduce and suggest to your SO the use of essential oils. Give them a chance to be curious and ask questions. Share with them moments some of your favorite essential oils, letting them smell them straight from the bottle. If they prefer not to use oils at the moment, it's best not to push too hard and instead to wait for the next opportunity or a new ailment to arise before offering another remedy. 

Often, when attempting to convince another person to incorporate something new into their life, it's best to give them a choice or to give them a chance to make the idea their own. Recalling a scene in the film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding,the wife explains to the daughter that her father may be the head of the family but the wife is the neck that turns the head to look in certain directions.

Spoiling Them with EO Goodness

Below are several creative and enjoyable ways to introduce essential oils to your significant other: 

  • Take advantage of the opportunity when they are under the weather. When battling a cold or the flu, ask if they are alright with you turning on the diffuser to help them breathe easier. Examples of oils to incorporate include Eucalyptus- Globulus (to open the breath), Fir Balsam (for spastic cough) and Lemon to boost the immune system and better mood. 
  • If your SO is suffering from back or muscle pain, pamper them by offering a massage with a muscle rub oil blend for pain and inflammation. Not only will this process reduce their aches and pains but it will also inspire more intimacy and connection. Jojoba carrier oil doesn't go rancid or stain fabrics and combines perfectly with pain-relieving essential oils such as Juniper Berry, Cajeput and Camphor essential oils for massage.
  • Maybe your SO doesn't like massage but they love a good bath. Take the time to make a salt blend with Epsom salts and muscle pain relief essential oils such as Spruce- Black for muscle spasms, Black Pepper for warmth and Lavender- Spike for pain and inflammation and have the tub ready when they walk in the door after a long day of work. 
  • Mix it up and make it fun by sharing a game of 20 questions to discover new things about your partner and when doing so throw in a question or two about aroma such as “What is your favorite aroma from childhood?”

Being Patient and Supportive

Being patient and supportive will be one of the most effective ways in your arsenal to convince your SO to try essential oils. Always remember that no one likes to be told what to do - it's best to gently suggest and offer guidance and practice patience rather than be overeager or overbearing. 

Sharing personal stories of your transition into the use of essential oils from newbie to enthusiast can be a great place to start. Perhaps there is an oil that you have grown to love for a particular reason you can share that has helped you on your healing journey. Take the gradual approach and give them choices. By offering choices, they will feel more in control. Also never use essential oils on anyone without their consent. 

Do you happen to be in a relationship with an EO skeptic or an EO believer? We would love to hear your stories! Share them with us here!


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