Introducing 8 New Mood Blends

by Annie Mascia October 23, 2022

Introducing 8 New Mood Blends

Drum roll please…

Here at Edens Garden we have been working diligently and are very excited to bring you a number of notable essential oil mood blends. These 8 blends address temperament and frame of mind and can be used in various ways - such as in a diffuser, blended into a massage oil or blended with bath salt. They will delight the senses, pacify the spirit, focus, energize, attend to mental health and more. 

Introducing 8 New Mood Blends

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This blend of sweet florals and sturdy base notes comfort us in times of chaos and allows stillness to smooth away any rough edges to usher in tranquility and serenity. Calming the Mind is the blend to reach for when our schedules are so packed full of activity that we need support to diffuse the frustration and take the stress away.


Clear thinking is fundamental to a productive day, but when your synapses aren’t firing like they’re supposed to, how do you move forward? By combining the aromas of forest-like Cypress and Juniper Berry with radiant Lavender oil and sweet Tangerine, this oil blend has an uplifting aroma that will work so you don't have to - fighting off brain fog and presenting you with inspiration and motivation so you can stay on top of tasks. 


Walking away from temptation takes a steely attitude and sometimes we need a friend to help us gather the strength to do just that. Conquer Cravings essential oil blend will be that friend, standing by to give you the grit and willpower needed to encourage better self-control. With its gutsy blend of Lemon, Ginger and Spearmint, this healthy essential oil formula will give you an energy boost, enhance metabolism and most importantly will give you the strength to combat food cravings. 


Combining heart-mending floral oils such as Lavender, Chamomile and Sweet Marjoram, Diffuse the Anxiety is Edens Garden's answer to relieving the burden of worry, and stress to usher in a deeper sense of peace. Tickle the senses without overstimulating, and find your mind and heart reaching bliss and letting go of the chaos and strife, properly rejuvenating your soul. 


When focus and concentration are waning but vigor and motivation are needed, rekindle clarity, invigorate & diminish tiredness to accomplish tasks with this trustworthy blend. Through its spotlight of pepper and citrus oil aromas, you will obtain a keen and steady focus needed to tackle everything on your plate. 


When we suffer from certain emotions, like trauma and heartache, we have to learn to tap into our resilience to overcome and move past these sentiments. Occasionally, the path forward is a difficult one to forge. The soft and pleasing aroma of Forgiveness & Healing leads the way to inspire hope and take that stress away giving you the ability to prevail and grow from the obstacles that lie before you. Let Forgiveness & Healing be your first step on a beautiful journey.


Our homes should be our oases - a place to decompress and rejuvenate. We all know that it's not always that easy. Between chores, messes and potentially stressful events that walk through the door, calm and peace may not present themselves when you need them most. A few drops of Relaxing Home used as a diffuser blend, with its citrus and floral combination can promote a calm, peaceful environment for relaxation in living spaces and it's here to elevate you in every step.


We all encounter some form of tension and hassle throughout the day, but it’s how we deal with the frustration that sets us apart. Softening the edges of those stressors and chipping away at the tension, Stress Less is a mood-lifting aromatherapy blend for mind and body. By calming and alleviating those frustrations, this stress-busting elixir, with its grounding oils of Cedarwood and Sandalwood blended with floral notes of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine will help you serenely maintain healthy stress levels.

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Edens Garden

October 25, 2022 at 5:04 pm

Hi Rebecca! Please reach out to our aromatherapists for more specific info:

rebecca Dennis

October 25, 2022 at 5:03 pm

I so appreciate the fact your oils are so good and at a reasonable price for
me to afford. Im on a fixed income, and still have to work a little to be able to pay my bills I work at a hospital kitchen and recently caught covid do you have any blend or product that will help with overcoming
this? Thank You.