Inspo: The Best Single Oils to Add To Our Synergy Blends

by Jenna Jones April 10, 2018

Inspo: The Best Single Oils to Add To Our Synergy Blends

We pride ourselves on our expertly formulated essential oil synergy blends and their ability to attend to our individual needs. Feeling stressed? Pick up a bottle of Stress Relief! Need some help falling asleep? Try Good Night!

Each blend is crafted for a specific purpose, but some can be transformed by adding a drop or two of a single oil in your diffuser. This allows you to take in the goodness of each unique blend, while also personalizing it to suit your own desires. Plus it’s fun to experiment!

Here at Edens Garden, we decided to try out a few variations of our own. Below are some of our favorite combinations:

Frankincense & Myrrh + Sweet Orange

This rich, grounding synergy blend is derived from ancient oils and can carry you into a meditative state. By adding Sweet Orange, this blend gains a remarkable and subtly sweet layer that's sure to keep you calm, yet uplifted.  

We suggest 1 drop of Sweet Orange for every 5 drops of Frankincense & Myrrh.

Relaxation + Vetiver

Floral and tranquil, Relaxation has a heady aroma that is sure to promote peacefulness. If you happen to share a home with someone who shies away from floral scents, add some Vetiver to create a woodsy aroma. It’s like laying in a flowery meadow surrounded by ancient trees.

We suggest 1 drop of Vetiver for every 5 drops of Relaxation.

Simply Citrus + Cassia

Diffusing Simply Citrus is sure to transport you to a tranquil orange grove on a warm, sunny day. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly squeezed citrus juice that is sure to stir up positive feelings. By adding Cassia, this synergy blend is revamped to suit the spicy, citrusy smells that are characteristic of the Fall season. If you’re anything like us, you won’t be waiting for September to start diffusing this lovely combination.

We suggest 1 drop of Cassia for every 5 drops of Simply Citrus.

Sniffles & Sneezes + Peru Balsam

Sniffles & Sneezes is a powerhouse against allergies and other maladies. It has a distinctively piney aroma that reminds us of hiking through a forest of fir trees. Peru Balsam is a great vanilla substitute and smells a whole lot like marshmallows. When you bring the two together, you get an irresistible s’mores diffuser blend. We loved this combination, and think you will too.

We suggest 1 drop of Peru Balsam for every 10 drops of Sniffles & Sneezes.

Cocoa Vanilla + Coffee

Our Coffee essential oil is sure to awaken the senses with its aroma of fresh coffee beans. We felt it was only natural to combine it with our Cocoa Vanilla blend to create a warming mocha diffuser blend. By combining Coffee with Cocoa Vanilla, you invite comfort and inspiration into your home.

We suggest 1 drop of Cocoa Vanilla for every 5 drops of Coffee.

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