Top 5 Tips For Using The Diamond Diffuser

by Bella Martinez March 09, 2023

Top 5 Tips For Using The Diamond Diffuser

If you read our recent article on the Diamond Diffuser, you know the many features and benefits of this diffuser that make it a staple in any space. You might have even purchased your first Diamond Diffuser. In this case, you deserve some quick tips to help you get the most out of your diffuser right out of the box. 

So, what do you say we take a shortcut to your new Diamond Diffuser? Let’s get into it.

Top 5 Tips For Using The Diamond Diffuser

Diffusing is perhaps the most efficient way to spread the joy of aromatherapy. These five tips should give you a head start in getting the most out of your Diamond Diffuser. 

  1. After each use, pour out all of the remaining liquid, dry each part with a soft cloth and store the Diamond Essential Oil Diffuser in a cool, dry area.
  2. Remember, the Diamond Diffuser will not work without water. The diffuser will automatically shut off when it is out of water. If the Diamond Diffuser isn’t turning on, be sure to check the water reservoir first.
  3. The amount and intensity of mist produced by the Diamond Diffuser will vary, but this is typical and should not be a cause for concern.
  4. Water type, humidity, temperature, wind and air quality can all affect the Diamond Diffuser. Take these factors into account when using your diffuser.
  5. We recommend cleaning the Diamond Diffuser every time you change oils. Essential oils are corrosive and, over time, can create buildup on the diffuser’s parts.

How Much Oil Should I Diffuse? 

We’ve previously touched on how much oil to add to your Diamond Diffuser (about 10-15 drops), but there are circumstances in which that amount should be lower or higher. Let’s find out exactly how much oil you should add to your diffuser. 


Sometimes, only a little oil is needed to be effective. Here are some such scenarios:

  • When babies are present
  • When pets are present
  • When diffusing around elderly individuals 
  • When diffusing around those with health problems
  • When the oil is strong and potent 

Certain individuals, such as those mentioned above, can effectively enjoy essential oils when only a little is diffused. Furthermore, if the oil is quite strong, it may be preferred to add less oil to your diffuser in order to lessen the aroma’s strength. 

If you’re needing to add less oil, aim for 5-10 drops of oil. 


Here’s when you may need to add more oil to your diffuser. 

  • The oil doesn’t have a strong scent
  • Lower amounts of oil are ineffective

Some oils and blends don’t have the strongest aroma. In this case, you may add more oil to your diffuser. Additionally, if you find that 10-15 drops aren’t providing relief toward the issue you’re addressing (i.e. headache, congestion, stuffiness), you may also diffuse more oil for a short period of time.

If you feel you must diffuse more oil, opt for 15-20 drops. 

What Oils Should I Diffuse?

Now that you know how to best use your diffuser, what oils should you diffuse first for therapeutic properties and aroma? Here are our top suggestions.[1] 


Congestion, asthma, stuffiness – respiratory issues present themselves in many forms. Opt for Deep Breath, Breathe Easier or Cough & Congestion Relief blends for better breathing. 


We could all use a little more peace of mind, and with Anxiety Ease, Calming The Mind and Stress Relief, you can expect just that. Ridding yourself of stress has never been so attainable. 


Have a headache? Clear your mind and get quick relief with Headache & Migraine Aid, Head Ease and Head-A-Sore-Us blends. 


Trouble sleeping can be the catalyst for a host of other issues. Enjoy a full 8 hours with favorites like Good Night, Sleep Ease and Best Sleep Ever essential oil blends. 


When germs and sickness are imminent, stop them in their tracks with Good Health, Fighting Five and Guardian. Take back your health.


Staying on top of tasks and energized throughout the day can sound like an impossibility for some. But with Energy Boost, Study Buddy and Energy & Focus essential oil blend, the impossible becomes possible.


If you’re looking to elevate and uplift your home’s atmosphere with 100% pure, natural essential oils, look no further than Beach House, Home Sweet Home and Diffuser Days

Why The Diamond Diffuser? 

If you’re looking to achieve everyday wellness, the Diamond Diffuser is your ticket to better health. By using minimal heat, this diffuser is equipped with top technology to keep essential oil benefits intact. In comparison to other diffusers, the Diamond Diffuser operates quietly while effectively filling both large and small spaces with your favorite oils.[2] What’s more, the Diamond Diffuser’s unique shape makes it as much of a piece of decor, as it is an effective diffuser. Available in white, tan and black colors, you can choose the Diamond Diffuser that’s as unique as you are. 


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Edens Garden

August 9, 2022 at 8:07 am

Hi Randall! We’re sorry to hear that! Please reach out to us so we can assist with troubleshooting,

Randall McMahon

August 9, 2022 at 8:04 am

I bought a diffuser. No problems for a while. Now when I try to turn it on the lights just flash and nothing diffuses. The fan underneath doesn’t turn on. I cleaned it with vinegar and no resolve

Edens Garden

January 17, 2022 at 10:40 am

Hi Monique! We’re sorry to hear that. Please email us for troubleshooting tips:

Monique Dean

January 17, 2022 at 10:36 am

My diffuser remains full of water after every use. Every other diffuser I own goes through most of the water. I also get very little scent/ essence of the oil with each use. I’ve tried it in different locations and the problem persists. I’m so disappointed. Suggestions?