5 Ways to Incorporate a Diamond Diffuser Into Your Feng Shui

by Erin Sweeney September 09, 2019

5 Ways to Incorporate a Diamond Diffuser Into Your Feng Shui

Having a peaceful and serene environment to go home to is a serious aspiration for many of us. It’s no wonder that many have turned to Feng Shui as a guide. The principles of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui are something we could all benefit from. Its primary focus is balance and harmony through the placement of certain items in your home. By enhancing your surroundings to optimize energy flow, it’s thought that you can positively affect all aspects of your life. The ability of essential oils to impact mood and wellbeing makes aromatherapy a perfect complement to this practice. So how can you incorporate them, and how does it all work?

Feng Shui is actually a fairly complex practice full of intricacies and variations. One could easily spend hours going down a rabbit hole of do’s and don’ts and conflicting ideas. We, however, prefer to keep things simple. After all, how can one achieve harmony when they are too busy stressing about whether they’re doing it “right” or not?

The easiest steps to achieving harmony are decluttering, allowing fresh airflow, letting in natural light and bringing live plants into your home. But you can delve even deeper while, hopefully, not getting too complicated. Chinese culture places a lot of emphasis on the elements: fire, wood, earth, water and metal. Attached to each element is an emotion, and they should all be balanced to optimize positive energy. Aroma and color all play a role in fitting in with these elements, which all have a particular place within a home. Read on to figure out how you should be using your Diamond Diffuser!

5 Steps To Feng Shui With Your Diamond Diffuser 

1. Determine a Location

Above is a map, called a bagua. This map, though simplified, is a great way to get you started in figuring out how and where to incorporate aromatherapy into your Feng Shui. Using Edens Garden Diamond Diffusers and essential oils, you can pick and choose which areas of your life you would like to emphasize and improve on. Fun, right? Simply align the bottom of the map with your front door (which is considered north) and imagine it laying over your home’s floor plan.

If, for instance, you want to emphasize family, health and community in your life, then you would place your diffuser in whichever room aligns with the northeast section of the map (middle left). 

2. Pick a Color

Color is considered an enhancement in Feng Shui. Based on the element, you can determine which color is most suited to that particular area of the house. Our Diamond Diffusers come in black, pink, tan and white, which suit the elements well! The elements match our diffusers as follows:

  • Earth: Tan or Pink
  • Fire: Pink
  • Metal: White
  • Water: Black
  • Wood: Tan or Pink

Simply correspond the diffuser color with the area of your home you want to enhance, and voila! You’re one step closer to a Feng Shui home.

3. Choose the Right Essential Oils

Not surprisingly, essential oils marry well with the five elements. Each element represents a different aspect of one’s inner self, and there are appropriate essential oils for each one.

Below are some of the attributes and essential oils for each element:

  • Earth: Stability • Grounding • Balance
    • Diffuse earthy/sweet aromas like Sweet Orange, Earth & Wood or any of the essential oils depicted in the Earth sections of the bagua above.
  • Fire: Passion • Emotion • Strength
    • Diffuse spicy or peppery aromas. Our Goal-Getter diffuser blend is a perfect example with Black Pepper, Cinnamon Leaf and Clove Bud essential oils. 
  • Metal: Clarity • Creativity • Independence
    • Metal is perfectly complemented with minty or camphorous aromas. Anything crisp and cool, such as Breathe Easier or Exhale, would do well in these areas of the house.
  • Water: Spirituality • Inspiration • Relaxation
    • Think of calming oils when you wish to enhance the water element. Greek Lavender, Jasmine and Align would be well-suited here, as well as the oils in the bagua chart above.  
  • Wood: Confidence • Trust • Growth
    • Diffuse woody, resinous and lightly minty essential oils to enhance this area of your life. Oils like Buddha Wood, Frankincense or Bergamot Mint are excellent options.

4. Have Fun With It

If mapping out your home isn’t your cup of tea, then simply diffusing essential oils is a great way to enhance your home in general. Ultrasonic diffusers are considered a positive addition to a Feng Shui home, and it can be fun to play around with different essential oils to promote different energies. So, whether you’re playfully mapping with your bagua or simply diffusing to achieve an ideal mood, there’s room in every home for some harmonizing aromatherapy. 

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