Around the World in 7 Essential Oils

by Jenna Jones June 03, 2019

Around the World in 7 Essential Oils

One great thing about essential oils (and there are many) is that you can sample aromas of the world without buying a plane ticket. If you dug a hand into your bag of oils, chances are you’ll come up with something that’s from a different country. We offer over 130 single EOs and their origins span the entire globe, from Australia to Africa to Canada and everywhere in between.

Does Juniper Berry make you jump for joy? Does Frankincense tickle your senses? You love your go-to aromas, but why not learn a little bit about their background? We decided to take you on a globetrotting EO field trip of sorts. No need to pack a bag, we’re not going to be gone for 80 days. Rather, we ask that you get your olfactory passport ready because we’re taking you around the world in seven essential oils!

1. Blue Tansy: This fresh and enticing EO originates from Morocco, which makes sense why it’s also known as Moroccan Tansy. Rare and complex, its powerful aroma can bring peace and tranquility. Additionally, it can soothe your nervous system. Geographically, Morocco sits just south of Spain and Portugal and is one of the northernmost countries in Africa. If you’re wondering what the climate is like in Morocco, Palm Springs is a great approximation, as they sit near the same latitudinal line.

2. Juniper Berry: Next, we travel to the land of the Czars, Dostoevsky and Juniper Berry — Russia. Juniper Berry is a subtle yet powerful essential oil that can claim use in everything from skincare products to gin to colognes. Use it in massage oils too for an invigorating, dynamic addition to your rubdown. Juxtaposing Russia’s forbidding winter climate, this EO offers a sharp, bright and warming aroma.

3. Australian Sandalwood: Maybe not shocking to you, this EO is from the warm, beautiful land of Australia. This varietal of Sandalwood promotes a healthy immune system and can enhance mental clarity, making it great for the office, where germs abound and the days can occasionally drag on. With woody and musky notes, it’s aroma is something — like an Australian vacation — almost everyone can enjoy.

4. Frankincense Carterii: This essential oil has a long, full and fascinating history that begins in the African nation of Somalia. Along with being in demand for thousands of years, it has earned fame as being one of the gifts brought by the Three Wise Men. This EO’s aroma spotlights hints of citrus, aged wood and balsamic notes. This varietal of Frankincense is used in churches, skincare products, perfumes and other body-care products. Somalia sits south of Ethiopia and north of Kenya.

5. Geranium: We’re staying in Africa, but traveling north. Egyptian history holds much to admire and be awed by: the pyramids, the Sphinx and many a mummy’s tomb. But Geranium is a magical piece of natural history that calls this north African nation home. While it’s floral and sweet aroma is pleasing, its lengthy list of health benefits isn’t too shabby either. The next time you diffuse Geranium essential oil, perhaps your mind will conjure up images of sun-drenched landscapes peppered with pyramids.

6. Ravintsara: Grab your swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses because we’re off to Madagascar in search of Ravintsara. The fourth-largest island in the world (and home to the adorable lemur), Madagascar sits off the southeastern coast of Africa and is the birthplace of one of the EO world’s most distinct aromas. Ravintsara is camphorous and known to relieve stress, tension and spread oxygen throughout the body. When congestion strikes, its penetrating aroma can clear your sinuses as well.

7. Blood Orange: Our final destination takes us to Italy, the land of fine wine, culinary delights, the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and Blood Orange. The fruit from which this essential oil is extracted is more complex and multifaceted than many other types of oranges. Blood Orange is brimming with antioxidants and valued by aromatherapists for its invigorating aroma that works to promote a peaceful, positive state of mind.

While we’ve come to the end of our jaunt, we hope that you continue to get your essential oil passport stamped! Bon voyage!

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