Find The Best Essential Oils For Hair In Our Hair Love Essential Oil Blend

by Bella Martinez March 03, 2023

Find The Best Essential Oils For Hair In Our Hair Love Essential Oil Blend

Dreaming about gorgeous, healthy hair? With essential oils, you can make your dreams of thicker hair a reality. In fact, recent research on essential oils and hair proves this. This research piqued the interest of Edens Garden’s experts and led to the formulation of our Hair Love essential oil blend.  

To help you achieve better hair health and beautiful locks, we’re diving into the most effective ways to use Hair Love, as well as the research behind the best essential oils for hair. Read on to learn more. 

What Essential Oil Is Best for Your Hair?

Salon-quality hair is achievable with these essential oils.


Native to the lands of Morocco and planted across Africa and the Middle East for centuries, Cedar trees can grow more than 140 feet in height and produce bluish-green leaves and cones. 

All varieties of Cedarwood essential oil are known hair-growth stimulants and work to increase circulation along your scalp. In addition, Cedarwood oil reduces flaking and strengthens damaged hair. Musky and earthy, Cedarwood is also often used in beard and facial hair oils for nourishment and growth. It’s just the boost your hair needs.


For centuries, Thyme has been used for its remarkable natural properties. The Ancient Egyptians added Thyme to their embalming process. Additionally, Thyme remedied nervous conditions and repelled insects in Ancient Greece.

Today, we know Thyme to be antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant-rich. For this reason, it encourages healthy hair when used frequently.


Beneficial in both hair and skin care, Argan has a rich vitamin E content and is a beautiful addition to products such as hair masks and facial moisturizers.

One of the most commonly used carrier oils in hair care, Argan oil is packed with nutrients and offers many benefits. One of which is preventing abrasive hair damage. Prolonged use of Argan can lead to healthier, longer, frizz-free hair. It can also prompt speedier hair growth. 

What Oil Helps Stimulate Hair Growth?

If you’re wondering which oil is best for hair growth and thickness, look no further than these research-backed essentials. 


Native to the Mediterranean coastline, Rosemary’s warm, herbaceous and medicinal aroma is well-known and loved around the world. Often a subject of aromatherapy study, Rosemary oil has been purported to increase hair growth and improve memory retention in multiple clinical studies. 

In fact, a randomized, double-blind clinical study on volunteers with alopecia revealed that a 1% dilution of Rosemary essential oil out-performed a 2% dilution of minoxidil (of which, Rogaine is a common brand).[1]


It turns out that the minty, cooling and classic aroma of Peppermint essential oil is great for more than just freshening up. Like Rosemary, Peppermint oil is known to boost circulation which helps stimulate hair growth. 

Similar to the Rosemary study, Peppermint oil was tested against minoxidil on subjects with hair loss. And again, the 3% Peppermint dilution outperformed minoxidil, increasing the appearance of hair growth, and further boosting essential oils’ place in the hair care big leagues.[2]


Most aromatherapy users have Lavender essential oil in their arsenal of oils due to its plethora of therapeutic uses, but did you know that Lavender also has been shown to boost hair growth? 

Dermatologists in Scotland tested a blend of Lavender oil, combined with Thyme, Rosemary and Cedarwood diluted in a carrier oil (Grapeseed and Jojoba oil), on alopecia patients in a randomized, double-blind study that lasted 7 months. A control group received a blend of only Jojoba and Grapeseed oil. Volunteers massaged the oil mixtures onto their scalps daily. Results showed that the oil blend showed significant improvement in hair growth over the control group.[3]

What’s more, Lavender has been shown to help with scalp issues such as dry scalp, itchiness, dandruff and oily hair. 

Hair Love Essential Oil Blend

If you’re wondering, “Can I mix essential oils together for hair growth?” We’re happy to tell you that there’s no need! A blend of Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, Cedarwood and Thyme, Hair Love combines the best oils for all-around hair growth and care. Multifaceted, Hair Love is beneficial for all hair types including straight, curly, dry, oily, natural, textured and thinning hair. 

Herbaceous, minty and fresh, its intriguing aroma will have people complimenting you for more than your great-looking locks. Hair Love’s uplifting and welcoming aroma is sure to make you feel like you’ve just left the salon. 

How To Use

There are several ways to use Hair Love blend to increase hair growth and health. Here are a few of our favorites. 


Combine 1 oz Castor oil and 12 drops Hair Love blend in a 1 oz Amber Glass bottle. Massage the DIY hair growth oil into your scalp and leave it in for 20-60 minutes before showering and shampooing the oil out. For best results, use this hair mask once a week. 


Combine 1 oz unscented shampoo and 18 drops Hair Love blend in a 1 oz squeeze bottle. Wash your hair thoroughly with the shampoo and leave it in for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it away. This shampoo is recommended to be used every other day.

Which Oils Are Best for Scalp Hair Growth?


Native to Australia, the earthy, green, medicinal aroma of Tea Tree oil penetrates and soothes both mind and body. Tea Tree essential oil has been used for centuries in folkloric medicine to clear fungus, boost skincare, heal insect bites and more. And if you need more reasons to love Tea Tree, it’s known for its ability to clear and prevent dandruff

A randomized trial of 126 patients with dandruff, tested Tea Tree oil’s ability to reduce scalp problems. Subjects received a shampoo containing 5% Tea Tree oil or a placebo. Those in the Tea Tree group had significant improvements in reducing dandruff, itchiness and greasy scalp.[4]


Geranium’s lilac, pink petals are beloved for their beauty and sweet aroma. In aromatherapy, Geranium oil is well-regarded for its many wonderful therapeutic properties. The Geranium plant is characterized as having green, leafy stems and various colored clusters of flowers such as pink, red, purple, white and multicolored.

Offering a bevy of uses, Geranium essential oil promotes healthy hair, balances oily hair, increases blood circulation and encourages bouncing, curly hair.


Fruity, floral and fresh best describe Rhododendro’s uniquely grounding aroma. In herbal medicine, Rhododendron essential oil has been used to support the respiratory system, alleviate aches and pains as well as boost the appearance of skin and hair.

For this reason, it works wonderfully when added to shampoos to promote shiny hair and reduce hair fall. 

Healthy Scalp Essential Oil Blend

With restorative oils like Geranium, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Rhododendron, Healthy Scalp blend helps to reduce the appearance of dandruff and hair loss associated with dry scalp, while stopping itching and pain. 

Woodsy and herbaceous, its luxurious aroma works to comfort the senses while soothing your scalp. Unlike scalp care products made with fragrance oils, Healthy Scalp’s aroma is unique and sophisticated.

How To Use

Say goodbye to dry, itchy scalp and dandruff with these scalp care tips.


Combine 1 oz Sweet Almond oil, 1 oz Epsom salt and 12 drops of Healthy Scalp. Wet your hair and scalp, preferably in the shower to avoid a mess, and scrub your scalp with your mixture for a few minutes to remove any flaking and buildup. Then, shampoo and rinse thoroughly. We recommend scrubbing your scalp once a month. 


Mix together 1/4 cup raw honey, 2 tsp warm water, 1 oz carrier oil and 18 drops Healthy Scalp. Apply the mixture evenly to your scalp and leave it in for at least 20 minutes before shampooing and rinsing thoroughly. We recommend a scalp detox once a month. 


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