Thanks For Growing With Us In 2017

In the past year, Edens Garden has grown and expanded in ways we never thought possible thanks to our extraordinary customers.

It was a year of new releases, exciting announcements, and milestones. Here’s a look back at the happenings in 2017.

Edens Garden Voted Best Non-MLM Essential Oil Company - Essential Oil University ran a poll to find the top aromatherapy companies and we were humbled to be named the best Non-MLM brand!  

Aroma Notes - To pass on even more savings to our customers, we launched our very first rewards program. Shoppers earn Aroma Notes every time they shop that can be redeemed towards future purchases.

18 New Synergy Blends - Formulated by world-renowned chemists and aromatherapists, the new blends have exquisite aromas and multiple therapeutic benefits. AllureAroma Fresh, Awake & Aware, Be Still, Bliss, Circu-Touch, Citrus Cream, Deep Breath, Fearless, Gal Pal, Good Morning, Guardian, Massage Therapy, Repel, Shine, Tranquility Worry Less, and XOXO.

10 New Single Oils - Our 10 new singles were handpicked for their amazing aromas and bountiful therapeutic benefits. Agarwood (Oud), Blue Cypress, Douglas Fir, Helichrysum Gymnocephalum, Kunzea , Lavender Greek, Magnolia, Manuka, Nootka Tree and Saro.

LookBook - An editorial edition, our first LookBook gave our fans and followers a glimpse of EG style.

Essential Enamel Pins - Colorful and fun, our soft enamel pin is the perfect way to show off your essential oil flare.

Earth & Wood Sensitive Skin Deodorant - The first time we released a ready-made product, the Earth & Wood Sensitive Skin Deodorant was a dynamic collaboration with Schmidt’s Naturals.

Body Oils - Silky and ultra-moisturizing, our exclusive line of natural body oils radically transform any body-care routine. Earth & Wood, Good Night, Lavender, Lavender Magnolia, Lemon Ginger, Rose Bergamot, Shine, Vanilla Sandalwood, XOXO and Yuzu Cannabliss.

Essential Oil Travel Pouch - Chic and compact, the Edens Garden essential oil travel pouch is befitting as a clutch or addition to your carry-on. The mini-bag accommodates up to six 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml or roll-on bottles.

Reed Diffuser -  Made from natural wood, the petite reed diffuser is perfect for small spaces yet powerful enough to invigorate any room.

Essential Oil Bag - Soft and stylish, the bag features 30 individual slots to store and organize your favorite essential oils. Each padded slot easily fits 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml and roll-on bottles.

Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser - Designed to dramatically elevate any interior, the Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser gently emits a refined mist of pure essential oil. Its sophisticated technology releases essential oil molecules to support therapeutic and aromatic benefits.

2017 in review

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These comments were contributed by customers without influence from Edens Garden. The opinions expressed in these comments are 100% the authors' own and do not reflect the views or opinions of Edens Garden.

  • Sandy Walker says...

    I LOVE your oils and your prices (esp the free shipping!) I recommend you to all my friends. Any chance you’d consider doing a Facebook group for people to share what’s working for them? I’m looking for a place to exchange ideas, formulas, etc. and I trust Eden’s Garden (as opposed to the MLM groups). I think the customers of EG are a different breed and would love to help each other. Just a suggestion. Would love to see that happen in 2018. :)

  • Sue says...

    Love Love Love your products and the beautiful new ceramic diffuser!

  • Esther says...

    I love love Edens Garden oils they are the best out there to me. Nothing compares to them.
  • Winn says...

    I started to use EG for 2 years and it is GREAT in price, quality, service and the company philos, even it is compatible with the branded in the retail market. I love+exiting to see the growth with all the new products. In view of next ladder of growing, I would have the below suggestions for the products:
    1) resume large bottle size of CO for choice
    2) print the expiry date on oil labels

    May God bless your company and all colleagues a prosperity 2018.

  • Yv says...

    Love EG products, can’t wait to see more inline accessories like EG spray bottle or dropper.

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