The Ultimate Super Bloom Diffuser Recipes

by Annie Mascia May 24, 2023

The Ultimate Super Bloom Diffuser Recipes

Spring and summer months are notorious for enhancing the visual and aromatic floral landscape. These seasons bring with it increased exposure to sunlight and nature as well as physical activity and social connections that can contribute to an improved mood, feelings of happiness and a reduction of stress. Nature and sunshine lead us to the most advantageous place in life where we can be satisfied and content, improving our state of mind and our well-being.[1,2]

However, reveling in the outdoors and connecting socially is not always possible with our busy lives. Thankfully, there is another excellent option. Bring the joy and solace of nature into your home or workspace by using a diffuser blend with Edens Garden passive Ceramic Bloom Diffuser. Passive diffusers are different than active diffusers in that the latter needs an electronic stimulus to emit the essential oil molecules into the air. The Bloom Diffuser offers a more subtle and nuanced aromatic by gently emitting the molecules gracefully into the air. 

Caring For Your Bloom Diffuser

It's especially easy to clean for moments when you want to change out the essential oil or blend. Simply fill the aromatherapy diffuser with equal parts water and white vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. In a separate bowl, soak the bloom and wick in equal parts water and white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Let sit for a few hours before rinsing with water and allowing to air dry. When cleaning, avoid getting oil on the wooden piece, and do not soak it to clean. 

Super Bloom Essential Oil Blends

But with Edens Garden’s Bloom aromatherapy diffuser, what essential oil combinations should you use? To mimic mother nature and bring the joy of the warm seasons to your home, there are a number of floral oils and aromatherapy sets we highly recommend. 

Edens Garden has a few ideas for your spring diffuser blends. One is the Floral Set of 3 which includes Ginger Flower, Lavender & Magnolia and Lavender- Bulgarian. It's a great starter set for those who want to experiment with some blends and have the option of using Lavender by itself. Here is what is included: 

1. Ginger Flower: This diffuser recipe has warm, spicy and floral aromatics and it is our opinion that this aromatherapy diffuser blend should be experienced by everyone. It is comprised of many of the best essential oils on the market.

Ginger, exotic in its own right, is warming, energizing and stimulating. The citrus oil combination of Tangerine and Lemon oil brightens this blend by dosing a ray of sunshine against any dark mood and ridding the leftover cobwebs from the dregs of winter. Juniper Berry and Elemi reduce stress while stimulating the mind and boosting circulation. Coriander Seed and Davana even out one's energy level, keeping you calm and composed amid any chaos.[3,4,5]

2. Lavender & Magnolia: This essential oil diffuser blend is simple in its construction but the benefits are vast. Highly relieving to stress and anxiety with its combination of Lavender- Bulgarian, Magnolia, Bergamot and Lemon essential oil, this blend has a high content of linalool and linalyl acetate which promote relaxation, relieve anxiety, sedate the mind, improve mood, and even acts as a pain reliever that can assist in reducing muscle spasms. The mingling of citrus oils enhances this blend's anti-anxiety effects and raises spirits with the added benefit of boosting your immune system.[3,4,5]

3. Lavender- Bulgarian: As the “mother of essential oils”, there isn't much that Lavender essential oil cannot do. It has a calming and relaxing aroma that helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while also acting as an antimicrobial and pain reliever for topical treatments. Topically, it assists with minor burns such as sunburns and insect bites. Try blending a few drops with aloe vera or light carrier oil to soothe a burn. It can also be used for muscle aches and soothing headaches. Try it in the Bloom Diffuser before bed to create a peaceful atmosphere before sleep.[4,5]

Edens Garden’s Floral Set of 6 additionally includes Geranium- Egyptian, Tangerine & Jasmine and Ylang Ylang essential oil.

4. Geranium- Egyptian: Geranium essential oil has an aromatic aroma all its own. At once sweet and earthy, it's a great choice for Spring diffusing. Calming, relaxing and stress relieving, it will bring peace to those who utilize it. 

Its benefits can improve a number of issues including skin and hair care, uplifting mood, unblocking stuck energy and reducing inflammation as well as having the potential to repel biting insects such as ticks, fleas, mosquitos and flies, especially in combination with Citronella, Catnip and Lemon Eucalyptus.[6,7]

5. Tangerine & Jasmine: This blend has a tartness from the citrus oils with a zing of spice and earthen depth due to the grounding oils of Patchouli and Vetiver. Most of the oils in Tangerine & Jasmine are excellent anxiolytics that help to calm the central nervous system. 

These oils include the floral oils of Lavender- Bulgarian, Rose- Bulgarian Absolute, Magnolia, Ylang Ylang and Litsea. The citrus oils in the blend can assist the florals by improving mood and uplifting the spirit and include Tangerine essential oil, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime and Clementine.[3,6,6]

6. Ylang Ylang: This single essential oil is noted for its rich, tropical, sweet and heavy fruity aroma. As a general tonic for the body, it is a highly relaxing oil working out stress and tension from the body both mentally and physically.[3,9]

However, for some, it must be noted that due to its strong floral aroma, it can be somewhat overwhelming, especially for those who suffer from migraines, so we recommend that you use it sparingly, in blends only a drop or two can be enough.

If you don't know where to start or are looking to expand your essential oil collection, try Edens Garden Shop by Aroma Tool may be the perfect place for you to explore singles and our expertly formulated diffuser blends. Whether you are looking for citrus oil blends, earthy notes, floral, woodsy and grounding aromas, you’ll have fun exploring the Aroma Tools page with collections that were designed to match every preference.

DIY Super Bloom Diffuser Blends

Its fun to design your own diffuser blends, but if you need some inspiration, try these blends that create a spectacular floral experience: 

Flower To The Nth Power

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Ylang Ylang

3 drops Rose

4 drops Neroli

California Dreamin’

3 drops Jasmine

5 drops Yuzu

7 drops Key Lime

Not Your Gran’s Garden

4 drops Magnolia

3 drops Sandalwood

2 drops  Grapefruit

As a gentle reminder to all of our essential oil fans, always keep safety guidelines and child safety in mind when enjoying essential oils. Always dilute essential oils when using them topically and keep them away from young children and pets. When using new oils topically, always do a skin patch test to check for adverse skin reactions.


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