This Or That?: Douglas Fir, Fir Needle, Silver Fir and Fir Balsam

by Jenna Jones December 20, 2018

This Or That?: Douglas Fir, Fir Needle, Silver Fir and Fir Balsam

Imagine standing in an open forest, letting the fresh air cleanse your lungs. At Christmastime, we bring that majestic beauty into our homes. The tree’s foresty aroma defines the holidays. At Edens Garden, we offer four different varieties of fir essential oil: Fir Needle,  Silver Fir and Fir Balsam. Douglas Fir is also included for its name, though it is not technically a true fir. Before deciding which essential oil to use, consider the differences.


Although Douglas Fir, Fir Needle, Silver Fir and Fir Balsam have striking similarities, their aromas vary. Douglas Fir is sweet and fresh with citrusy notes. Woodsy and reminiscent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree, it makes a great addition to mountain-inspired diffuser blends. Fir Needle, also known as Siberian Fir, is probably the closest aroma to what many associate with fir trees. True to its name, Fir Needle has a round, fresh aroma with layers of foresty notes.  When looking for a more woody aroma, Silver Fir is the obvious choice. It is reminiscent of pencil shavings with peppery and dry notes. Fir Balsam has a mild, grassy and well-rounded aroma. It has a slightly tart note to it as well. 

Extraction Method

All four essential oils are extracted through steam distillation. Fir Needle essential oil originates from Russia and is extracted from the needles. Originating in Austria, Silver Fir essential oil is also extracted from the needles. In Canada, Fir Balsam essential oil is captured from the needles and twigs. Douglas Fir is not a true fir in the sense that it does not come from the  Abies family, but its aroma and uses are quite similar to other firs. This common household Christmas tree hails from Canada, where its needles are steam distilled in order to obtain the essential oil.


After a tiring day, a little relaxation is typically in order. Douglas Fir is well-rounded in its uses, which range from emotional uplift to inflammation relief and release of congestion. Fir Needle is powerful against environmental forces while fighting fatigue and symptoms of common ailments. To soothe tired muscles, use Silver Fir essential oil. It may also help clear the lungs to inspire easy breathing. A wonderful respiratory support, Fir Balsam may help gently uplift sullen emotions. 

This or That?

When it comes to 100% pure essential oil varieties, there are endless options at Edens Garden, which can make deciding which to try a little challenging. That’s why we created the This or That series to help you understand the differences and similarities between essential oil varieties and make choosing (or grabbing them all) an educated decision. Read more about the differences between our Orange, Frankincense, Lavender oils and more on our blog.

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April 5, 2024 at 11:48 am

Hi Laura, there isn’t a color code system on the bottles themselves.


April 5, 2024 at 11:48 am

Is there a method to the color system on each bottle? Thanks


July 23, 2021 at 11:27 am

Coming into this discussion three years later. I’ve often wondered why Douglas Fir EO is more expensive than the other firs since here in BC we’re surrounded by it. It’s my favorite of the firs.