What Is A Synergy Blend?

by Jenna Jones August 15, 2018

What Is A Synergy Blend?

There are many intricacies to combining essential oils to create personalized blends. As we combine essential oils and observe how they interact with each other, we learn more about the individual nature of the oils. Edens Garden Synergy Blends are balanced down to the very last drop to serve your specific desires and needs. So what does it mean to be a synergy blend?

The Purpose of Synergy Blends

When you blend essential oils together, the chemical constituents in each oil can work to mutually enhance one another. The word ‘synergy’ means working together. Our specialists at Edens Garden, as well as renowned essential oil chemist Robert Pappas, exquisitely crafted a combination of single oils to have the most effective therapeutic benefits and unrivaled aromas. The synergistic nature of the blends means you gain the most from the single oils within.

A perfect example of this harmonious relationship is our Anxiety Ease blend. The uplifting constituents of Sweet Orange are brought out by the purifying Lemongrass and confidence-boosting Ylang Ylang properties. Together, they can sweep away anxiety and stress more effectively than as single oils.  

Creating A Balanced Blend

One of the key components to a successful synergy blend is a defined and natural balance between top, middle, and base notes. 

Top Notes

Some examples of top notes are Basil, Clary Sage, Sweet Orange and Peppermint. They are the most delicate and volatile so their aroma evaporates quickly. Top note essential oils can be used to comfort lethargy or fatigue as well as spark alertness and focus. Following top notes, we have middle notes. Essential oils in this category include Nutmeg, Juniper, Lavender, and Palmarosa. 

Middle Notes

Middle Notes, or “Heart Notes” are characteristically well-balanced and affect the overall health of the mind and body. They’re not as volatile as top notes, but also not as long-lasting as base notes. 

Base Notes

Finally, we have base notes, which tend to add an earthy element to synergy blends. Base Note essential oils are used to calm anxiety, nervousness, and anger. Examples include Vanilla, Vetiver, Patchouli, and Myrrh.

How To Blend Essential Oils

If you’re looking for some direction on creating your own synergy blends, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our top tips for blending with aroma and therapeutic purpose in mind.

Creating An Aromatic Blend

Check the “Details” section on our single oil’s product pages next to “Note” to find out if the oil has a top, middle or base note. Then check “Blends well with” for added guidance. If you’re working with a group of oils, classify and separate those oils by note. 

The key to making a great smelling blend is by balancing these notes. Generally, middle notes make up about 75% of the blend, top notes make up about 20% of the blend, and base notes make up about 5%. This isn’t a precise formulation, so don’t worry about being exact. Here’s an example of a balanced blend:

4 drops Sweet Orange (Top Note)

15 drops Lavender (Middle Note)

1 drops Patchouli (Base Note)

We recommend starting off with a small amount of oil as you experiment, and if at first your blend doesn’t succeed, try, try again. As you practice, you will come to learn which oils work well together, and which oils don’t. 

Creating A Therapeutic Blend

With just a few drops, you can create a perfect harmony of essential oil blends for physical or emotional purposes. Keep in mind each oil’s natural characteristics and therapeutic properties as you formulate your natural remedy. Start small and remember it’s okay to keep it simple while you practice. If you’re creating a sleep blend, start with well-known sleep essential oils like Lavender or Chamomile and build from there. You’ll be at expert level in no time. 

Getting Started With Synergy Blends

Each synergy blend is specially designed for specific aromatic and therapeutic purposes. While exploring our blends, you will find intoxicating aromas and all-natural remedies. As part of our promise, our essential oils never include additives, bases, fillers or synthetics. 

If you’re not sure where to start with Edens Garden’s synergy blends, try the Top Synergy Set–a curated collection of our bestselling and most versatile blends. If you want to choose your own synergy blends at a discounted price, sample our Create Your Own Set which includes a variety of our most popular single oils and synergy blends. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting the very best of aromatherapy.  

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